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  2. Will longbotton???? former Doncaster academy was at BPA last season
  3. Icke's Lizard


    Maybe of interest to some who like reading these kind of stories.
  4. I'm sure he was called Will, I definitely want to see him again and for longer.
  5. Technically the first game was played at the Shay on Saturday 13 August 1921 at 3pm, when 10,000 turned up to watch a charity match between two teams comprised of Halifax Town players. All proceeds were given to charity, and the Stripes beat the Blues by 1-0. Stripes: Haldane, Clark, Hawley, Hall, Wellock, Challinor, Pinkney, Matthews, Lincoln, Woods and Whalley. Blues: Baker, Rayner, Mackrell, Depledge, Parkin, Anderson (Pearson 46), Brokson, Whipp, Howsan, Dent and Brayshaw. Of course official substitutes weren't a thing back then, but in games such as this they happened often enough. The first one seen by Town supporters was back in 1912, though the above is the first at the Shay. Several other trial games were played in a similar fashion. The first Football League game at the Shay was against Darlington on 3 September 1921 at 3pm, Town winning 5-1.
  6. All in all some good performances from the trialists, only area of concern was the 2 lads up top. Neither one showed anything near the standard we will need to compete in the NL this season. The lad who played in the second half (22) was certainly the stronger of the 2 and showed more ball control, but maybe he did not get the service he needed. Lots of neat passing football and good levels of fitness already, however, we were playing a team lower in the pyramid so should have had more cutting edge. Good to see both Green and Summerfield look ready to go, and even Martin Woods seemed livelier than he was at the back end of last season. Nothing to shout from the rooftops but a steady enough start to getting match fit and gelling as a team. We now look to see incremental steps in improvement as the starting 11 start to take shape, with the target being 3 points on the 21st August.
  7. So it seems most players have been identified but has anyone got ideas possible ideas who number 7 was? He looks an exciting player with the ball
  8. I spotted that on his Twitter…..🤔
  9. Maybe in a friendly but otherwise no.
  10. Was an ok game, second half was much better than the first, some nice passing etc. But I'm going to be perfectly honest here, I put that down to the introduction of Maher who donned the Captains Armband and took control of the game. I like him, always have and after his stint as Captain last season he has to be our man to lead the team this season. But as you say, it was just a good fitness exercise really, one or two decent showings, better than I was expecting really.
  11. So should we be selling Centenary Season Tickets? I know Born to Moan would love it if we had them on offer for the same price as in 1911....😃
  12. He was very good, I also liked the lad wearing No7 in the second half, was subbed near the end. I note as well in a photo on an earlier thread that Abubakar is wearing our Tangerine away shirt kit from a couple of seasons ago, has he played for us in some capacity previously???
  13. Today
  14. neither has Abubakar but he looked good last night as did Cooke.
  15. Not if there contracts dont start with us or end with their former club until next month.
  16. What is the actual date? I wonder who is the oldest Shayman still alive, either player or fan?
  17. I personally don´t think we will spend any of the money received on transfer fees there are a lot of free agents out there.
  18. Glad to see your back. And agree 100 years is something we should celebrate for all town fans past and present
  19. He looks quite competent but he did last season he is also very quick.
  20. The Supporters Club is intending to mark it in some way, but I believe they're light on numbers so maybe could do with some help? ps welcome back
  21. Here we are, less than two months away from our Centenary, yes, 100 years of Association Football at The Shay and 99% of the Town are not even aware. You are all Shaymen, well, THE SHAYMEN are 100 years old in September. I know, 1911 and all that, some claim earlier but for Shaymen it is 100 frigging years! Not a peep about it from The Club, not a peep about anything from The Chairman. Surely being 100 years old means something and is worthy of celebration even though it has been 100 years of near misery with the odd blip? It is obviously a struggle selling season tickets this season for various reasons, perhaps it is not too late for the Club to at least put some effort in taking advantage and publicising the fact, it is incredible that this club even has survived 100 years. Have a damn party down The Shay, Stockport County I believe visit nearest the date, advertise the fact, we could fill the place. Someone 'in the know' claimed the Club were aware and were going to do 'something' when I mentioned this a while ago. Seems they are doing sweet FA.
  22. Angus


    I must have blinked at some point........
  23. What are you basing that on? He's barely played at National league level.
  24. Would not be surprised to see only one player in to replace Clarke and Byrne. Young Jay Benn is more than capable now of stepping up
  25. It would be great to see one of the youngsters become first team regulars and delivering quality performances. Pity we have no striker starlets in the making yet.
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