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Presentation Night 2013

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Presentation night Saturday 6th July @ The Sportsman Inn, Ploughcroft. Cost is £15 for partners/wives/girlfriends and also £15 if not up to date with subs. Please can all make an effort to get there. Can you let me know asap if you are attending and how many guests you are bringing so we can make sure catering is done for everyone attending.

Ratty x 2



Sam Barnes

Robbo x 2

Lee Cas


Matty G

Carl Gamble x 2

Dave Thompson x 2

Luke Holmes x 2

Adam Probets

Johnny Meynell x 2

Nige Walker x 2



Martin Probets



Chris x 2

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Ratty x 2 (Owes 1)

Rambo (Owes 1)

Bish (Owes 1)

Sam Barnes (Owes 1)

Robbo x 2 (Owes 1)

Lee Cas PAID

Bobbins (Owes 1)

Matty G (Owes 1)

Carl Gamble (Owes 1)

Dave Thompson x 2 PAID

Luke Holmes x 2 (Owes 2)

Adam Probets PAID

Johnny Meynell x 2 (Owes 1)

Nige Walker x 2 (Owes 2)

Toby (Owes 1)

Henry (Owes 1)

Martin Probets (Owes 1)

Wrighty (Owes 1)

Hembers PAID

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