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I am trying to piece together last seasons stats, which is going to be a lot of effort (even more so when my memory is naff) so would appreciate any help if they start to look something like I will start to add them in.

I have so far a list of the fixtures we did/planned to play and the players who said the were available. If possible could you let me know

a) the score

b ) scorers (for us)

c) if you started, or came on as a sub

d) Any oher information

Ive not had chance to look through the MB in full yet so don't know if there was any reports etc...but any help would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance

1 20th August 2011 - WBA (A)

John Bish Fawkes Sam B M Probets Rambo Toby A Probets Matty T Bobbins Mcelderry Craig

27th August 2011 - Queens Park Spiders (H)

Rambo Craig Hembers Bish Sam B M Probets Wiggy Fawkes Peaks 10th

September 2011 - Tamworth (A) John Dave Matty T Matt B Rambo Zabs Bobbins Sam B Fawkes Nige Adam P Luke H

24th September 2011 - Burnley (H) John Dave Cas Hembers Andy Kelly Ash Addy Wiggy Fawkes A Probets Peaks Rambo Zabs Jordon Matt B Mark Pearson 5

8th October 2011 - Hull City IFA Cup (A)

JB A Probets M Probets Peaks Matty T Rambo Ratboy Ben Fawkes Wiggy Hembers DT Connor Mcwhir Mark Pearson Andy Kelly Mark Colbeck Bobbs Robbo 6

12th November 2011 - Buxton (H)

John Dave Andy Kelly Hembers Bobbins Adam Probets Peaks Zabs Martin Probets Wiggy Sam Barnes Ben Fawkes Rambo Mark P Jordon Ash Addy Robbo

26th November 2011 - Marine (A)

JB Hembers Fawkes Marton P Matt B Rambo A Probets Mark Pearson Dave T Wiggy Nige Robbo Matty T

3rd December 2011 - Bury B (H)

John Rambo Bobbins Robbo Bish Wiggy Hembers Sam B Fawkes Dave Matty T Lumb Peaks Mark P Zabs Martin P

14th Jan 2012 - Buxton (H)

John Dave Rambo Hembers Robbo Mark Pearson Sam B Jordon Bobbins Matt B Andy k Bish Toby Wiggy Ash Peaks Martin P Fawkes 10

21st Jan 2012 - Chester (A)

John Bish Martin P Peaks Wiggy Rambo Robbo Fawkes Bobbins Toby Jordon Luders 4th

February - Bury B (A) 11th

February - Marine (A) 25th

February - Coventry (A)

John Bish Rambo Fawkes Toby Hembers obbo Wiggy Dave Jordon Adam P Martin P Luders Matt B Sam B 3rd March

2012 - Chester (H)

John Matt B Rambo Robbo Hembers Martin P Matty T Bobbins Dave Jordon Mark P Adam P Peaks Toby Bish Zabs Wiggy Andy Kelly Sam B Kev

7th April 2012 - Buxton (A)

John Bobbins Wiggy Fawkes Rambo Adam P Marton P Robbo Zabs Jordon Matt B Dave Peaks Luders

9th April 2012 - Bury (A)

Rambo Luke H

Bobbins Bish Wiggy Zabs Mark Pearson Martin P Fawkes Robbo Dave? sam B?

14th April 2012 - Manchester Utd (A) R

ambo Martin P Fawkes Matt B Bish Hembers Dave Robbo Mark P Luders Jordon Bobbins Adam P

28th April - 2012 - Coventry (A)

John Fawkes Dave Luders Adam P Bobbins Bish Martin P Rambo

5th May 2012 - Man City (H)

John Martin P Sam B Luders Adam P Wiggy Fawkes Jordon Bobbins Rambo Hembers Matt B Robbo Peaks 26th May 2012 - Clifton Rangers (H)

John Ash Martin P Bobbins Sam B Wiggy Jordon Dave Hembers Toby Matt B Luders Kav Pecky Peaks

2nd June 2012 - Doncaster Rovers

John Dave Matt T Andy Kelly Rambo Wiggy Johnny M Lamby Dave Holcroft Martin P Pecky Matt B Luke Holmes Scott Hamilton Adam P Bish

23 June 2012 - Runcorn (A)

John Fawkes Johnny M Matty T Hembers A Probets A Kelly Brett Matt B Sam B Kev Cas Jordon Bobbins Dave T

7th July 2012 - Clifton (A)

Ash Matt B Fawkes Peaks Sam B Johnny Hembers Brett Julian Young Toby young Mark Gull

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Im not sure about these but hopefully it will trigger peoples memory.

West Brom 5-3 afc a.probes 3

Tamworth 0-13 afc i kno zabs got one lol

hull 5-4 afc- ifa cup dt 2, a.probes, hembers

Afc 0-0 buxton

Bury B 1-5 afc bish 2

Cov 3-9 afc fawkes

afc 7-0 Man city fawkes

donny, runcorn, clifton all postponed

can people make changes as to wht they remember

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I think I started against Tamworth, West Brom, Chester (away) Bury (away) and came on as a sub Buxton at home (first time) Bury B at home, Man City and Coventry (scored) dont think I played against either Queens Park Spiders or Chester at home despite being on the list!

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West Brom 5-3 afc started

Tamworth 0-13 afc didnt play

hull 5-4 afc- ifa cup didnt play

Afc 0-0 buxton started

Bury B 1-5 afc started and scored twice

Cov 3-9 afc started

afc 7-0 Man city didnt play

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Bish the problem is there were no reports done for games last season that's what's wrong.

Cheers for the idea though x

but you can at least see the available list as to whom had there names down etc

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There was a friendly between worldnet and the WBA game (Salem possibly?) up on the 3G at Hipperholme - remember it well as it was my comeback from the injury picked up at worldnet... lasted 5 mins as a sub before suffering a relapse!

Know I only got the one goal at Man Utd

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If it helps the old board is still available here:


The old old board has long since disappeared I'm afraid. It's possible Gav has the database files on an old hosting package somewhere but it'd take a lot of effort to get them in a useable position again. I don't fancy doing it but if anyone else wants a go, check with Gav to see if he still has the hosting package with 123reg.

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Cheers Hoddie, it is just last season we are missing, this board appears to go back far enough it is more to do with our own record keeping.

If everyone could do what Bish has done would be superb! (and i don't mean feck off to Newcastle)

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20th August 2011 - WBA (A) - Started

27th August 2011 - Queens Park Spiders (H) Started

10th September 2011 -Tamworth (A) - Started

24th September 2011 - Burnley (H) - Started

8th October 2011 - Hull City IFA Cup (A) - Started

12th November 2011 - Buxton (H) - Started

26th November 2011 - Marine (A) - Started + Scored

3rd December 2011 - Bury B (H) - Started

14th Jan 2012 - Buxton (H) - Started

21st Jan 2012 - Chester (A) - Started

4th February - Bury B (A) - Started

11th February - Marine (A) - Did not play

25th February - Coventry (A) - Started + Scored

3rd March 2012 - Chester (H) - Did not play

7th April 2012 - Buxton (A) - Started + Scored

9th April 2012 - Bury (A) - Started

14th April 2012 - Manchester Utd (A) - Started

28th April - 2012 - Coventry (A) - Started

5th May 2012 - Man City (H) - Started + scored

26th May 2012 - Clifton Rangers (H) P-P

2nd June 2012 - Doncaster Rovers P-P

23rd June 2012 - Runcorn (A) P-P

7th July 2012 - Clifton (A) P-P

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