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Some people on here must have been eating carrots all week. I couldn’t even see the ball most of the time let alone who was actually playing it. We didn’t win so some people have to dig out a pla

The picture was terrible....was like trying to watch my neigbours wife through the bathroom window....

Bloody hell all these bleeding youngsters.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weather update - currently foggy in the Fens but expected to clear later this pm. It is very cold though. Still below freezing. No way bad enough for postponement however. This would have been a home fixture for me. KL is only 20 miles away.  Will probably listen to BBC Norfolk feed. It can be found via the BBC Sport page, just follow the live sport links to get to the non league football commentary page.

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3 hours ago, ITMAN said:

Roy, my problem is that now I am becoming hooked on the ability to watch the away games from the comfort of my chair, especially as it is cold and Kings Lynn is up the backside of nowhere and an absolute pain to get to.

So, as I need my weekly fix I will stump up the extra 2 quid, or run the risk of my other half coming up with some hare brained idea about cleaning the grout between the bathroom tiles,,,, 

I have also succumbed, i was planning to boycott on principle, but please be assured if we are losing 2-0 with 10 minutes to go i am going to instigate a pitch invasion to try and get the match abandoned and get my £12 back! 

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