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Todays game Town v Barnet

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Barnet very poor, however besides Torquay I haven’t been impressed by anyone really. Bell & Hyde looks to be the way forward, both compliment each other. Massively important Jeff King so

HAHAHAHA I’ve absolutely had Lewis Saleem happy birthday to my mate Drew Peacock!!!! He’s gone for it!!! I am howlinG

Think Jack Earing MOTM

1 minute ago, greg45 said:

Well I've bothered to buy the stream for the first time this year, looking forward to watching us zip it about with aplomb and put together this performance Pete Wild has been promising for so long.

You realise if we finally win, you're gonna have to buy every stream from now on?

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Looking forward to seeing how bell and Hyde do. 

If we lose and concede I can’t wait to hear those that love Clarke say “ That’s why you need Clarke in the side”:doh:

The thing that is very concerning for me is that we’ve spent a lot of money on getting these strength and conditioning coaches in for training etc and we have more injuries than ever


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