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Todays game Town v Barnet

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Some think Clarke was the reason we hit the top of the league last year. Some think he's far too slow for the National League. Whatever your view, it's a bit bloody silly to fall out with someone over what is a matter of opinion. We're all Town fans at the end of the day.

I think the Tories are morally vacuumous, but I'd never use someone's support of the Tories as a reason to fall out.

The only valid reason to fall out imo is if someone puts milk in their tea before the hot water. Such people should be given a wide berth.

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Barnet very poor, however besides Torquay I haven’t been impressed by anyone really. Bell & Hyde looks to be the way forward, both compliment each other. Massively important Jeff King so

HAHAHAHA I’ve absolutely had Lewis Saleem happy birthday to my mate Drew Peacock!!!! He’s gone for it!!! I am howlinG

Think Jack Earing MOTM

This is a must win game for Town and suspect Barnet would be happy with a point

PW positive line up - make Barnet play against our attacking strength


King, Byrne, Bradbury, Senior

Summerfield, Maher, Earing

Allen, Bell, Neproceno

Subs Hyde, Tear, Danns, Green, Keeper

PW to draw, with late push for win - keep it tight, hope to get 1st goal


Maher, Byrne, Clark, Bradbury, Williamson

Woods, Summerfield, Danns 

Hyde, Allen

Subs Neproceno, Bell, King, Earing, Keeper

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23 minutes ago, ITMAN said:

 Time for Big Sam to take control in his box

Much as I like Sam, even a comparative midget like Drench was more commanding in his box than Sam is. A guy of his physique should should rule the penalty area, not be almost apologetic when he comes for the ball.

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15 minutes ago, nw3casc1 said:

To the players...a few are on this forum.. And PW

We need passion and commitment from those wearing the shirt!!!!

We need 110% effort...

Please....don't let's us down... We would be there tonight but for tier 3...

It's got be 3 pts...

The players show passion and commitment, its the formation and tactics that arent getting the results.  Apart from the south shields game i think we have performed well in every game but have little attacking intent

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4 minutes ago, nw3casc1 said:


You probably have watched more games than me...so fingers crossed they deliver tonight...

If it's the wrong formation and tactics....PW out?

Would probably give him until the new year, but if he sticks with the 5-3-2 tonight I'll be starting to have my doubts about him

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4 minutes ago, greygoose said:

Dont need pace in the middle of the pitch, these 3 are all good Footballers.

Maybe good footballers greygoose but not showing it at this point in time, Woods seems to want to just pass sideways & Danns as I stated looks like a player still suffering after illness and Summerfield I like a lot and always have done but last 2/3 games been deffo under par.

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5 hours ago, halifaxmark said:



King  clarke bradbury byrne williams

               Woods  earing  summerfield 

            Hyde    Bell.

I really think that is the team that will start tonight. I hope he changes formation but cant see it at all.

Wild is So predictable . Spot on apart from maher instead of clarke 

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