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20 minutes ago, arryarry said:

I went to Holy Trinity junior school (a long time ago) and the `PE` teacher was Robert Foulkes and he arranged for a school trip to watch Stoke City v Halifax Town. It was my very first ever live Halifax Town game and from my first look at a proper football club, I was hooked. Then when Les Massie scored at our end I was doubly hooked. It was worse than heroin (I think???) and I have been addicted to Halifax Town FC ever since

Damn you, Les Massie. You were my first town hero and you will be sadly missed. RIP

I to went to that game on a bus trip organised by what was then the Halifax Technical High School, which my older brother went to, I would have been 12. What a day out, Les Massie scoring past the legendary Gordan Banks. Like you I was hooked.

RIP Les, and thanks for the memories.

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To me he was our best ever player 

he scored the goal that got us our one and only league promotion .. 

a great player and a great guy .. no ego around him .. just a lovely honest bloke 

will always be on my all time town team list .. 

sorry to hear he has gone to that great game in the sky 

halifax v Rochdale 

1-0 to town Massie 

town promoted 

I have the match programme framed and in my wall 

a great day a great team and great player 

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