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Really disappointed as I thought with our 2 strikers finally fit this was going to be the kick-start to our season. Given how poor Wealdstone were, it surely would have been if we'd have kept 11

I don’t think anyone watching that game can be disappointed with the 10 out there tonight. Proper gutsy performance, they scored with their first chance of the game It’s a sickener, but it’s

By saying that bench is awful is saying you think these kids are rubbish before they've even stepped on the pitch.  Harsh to say the least. 

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Just now, Greggs said:

Because what was the difference between ours and theres? 

The lunge? Theirs wasn't two-footed. At least that's what I thought without replaying it. It's a fine line but I think everyone involved with football knows that if you lunge in with two feet, you're off. It can't have come as a surprise surely?

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Just now, thetalktrainer said:

Credit to the lads after Jeff Knuckleheads dismissal. We’ve Done well. It’s the best I’ve seen of Green, and Young Tear has done well. Not impressed with the stream ....cut out on least 10 occasions.

It has been perfect for me, though the camera sticking to the ball while it's all kicking off out of camera is getting old.

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3 minutes ago, shaymandownsouff said:

I back Wild there. Their manager lays into Millington and he steps in to back him up

My point was that we were on top at the time. The disruption suited them. 

Didn't PW say that the gloves were off after the South Shields match?He must have been training on the bag for the last three weeks!


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