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South Shields today

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Can’t believe I travelled all the way to the computer to watch this shite.

If you like

Great coverage, great commentary and the best team won!

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Not gonna lie, we've been ******* dreadful and I don't think the formation is working. I'd go 4-3-3 in the 2nd half and have the onus on us going forward. Williams has got forward at times but with no support and King has been pegged back. We are inviting them on. 

Earing has got in some good space but has pi$$ed about and dallied on the ball. 

It's not been the best but a game is 90 mins so let's hope they put in a good 45. 

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5 minutes ago, greygoose said:

Gold this years Tobi/Denton fit Greggs, how many chances has the team created for him?

Never understood this point. He won’t get chances because he makes absolutely zero movements in the box. He stands still and expects the ball to fall to him. No goal scoring instincts whatsoever. Haven’t actually seen him make one sprint yet. Doesn’t look arsed.

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