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what a great picture 

George mulhall Johnny Quinn and Malcolm Allinson .

our old div 3 days.. when we mixed it with the big boys 

brings back many great memories 

RIP Johnny 

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40 minutes ago, nw3casc1 said:

The chant....you have seen nothing like the mighty Quinn...RIP..a very good player.

You'll not see nothing like the Might Quinn....my Dad was a Rotherham United fan and he used to drag me along when l'd not done my homework as a punishment. Saw him play for them many times and they always played that song as he ran out! Was over the moon whem he came to us as he was a class player.

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A great player for the club and a good manager, why he was sacked we will never know. We had one of the best away records at the time and in a comfortable mid table position. I asked John Crowther the Chairman at the time why he was sacked, he said he knew nothing about it as he was away on holiday. That was the demise of the club and relegation to the fourth division and eventually non league football.

R.I.P. Johnny


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Sad news. Interested to read in Johnny Meynell's well-written obituary in the Courier that Quinn was forced to play reserve goalie Barry White as an outfield player on four occasions! 

Two interesting articles in the Courier...



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