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Today’s game at Guiseley

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As was apparently the case with Kosylo, however a compromise was found to get him in training more.  I just feel this is a sad way for Brown's time at the club to come to an end. He has been a fa

Am I being dumb but there wasn’t a blonde trialist?

So.........we have signed a good young player in Senior. To be honest we seem to have a few promising young lads currently, there must be at least one future star amongst them.

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On 9/13/2020 at 1:26 AM, Flea said:

I just don’t buy the idea that Brown is a problem player or has a bad attitude. Every single interaction, his conduct on and off the pitch and the murmurings you hear from past and present players all go to back his character up. Simply if his attitude was the problem why has he for so many years been captain and played almost every game? 

I struggle to understand how we can say someone who has pretty much played every minute of every game when fit, and has been club captain for a few seasons is suddenly surplus to requirements and such a problem that he is out in the cold straight away. It isn’t like we are talking about a player who is hot and cold on form either. In the CB position he is a starter for this club. 

If it is down to logistics with training and the likes then surely there is wiggle room to sort something out with a player who has been consistent and solid for us for years. Even more so when his replacement at the moment appears to be a kid from the youth team. 

Loyalty works both ways with players and clubs. So many rats deserted a sinking ship when we got relegated. The likes of Peniket and Brown stayed to put it right. Now it appears we have a contracted player who has been such a huge important figure for us for years being told he isn’t needed and can’t even feature in pre-season, when we don’t even have a fully built squad. 

I’m a big fan of PW and I really want to see him do well. However, I don’t understand or get this Brown issue at all and do have to question if PW’s approach here is the correct one.

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to reply to this. I too am a big Browny fan, but sadly I don’t think he will play for us again.

Two weeks ago at a family gathering before the rule of six, I had a conversation with a League player who knew PW but had no connection with FCHT. He knew my support for Town and told me he had met PW at a golf club the previous week. PW told him he wanted rid of his captain. He said to me “ is he any good?”. I said that PW had given Brown a new contract around Christmas and I didn’t understand it. He shrugged his shoulders and said well he doesn’t want him now but didn’t know why.

The point I was making, was not that Browny was a trouble causer, but as captain etc he would be influential and if no longer part of the squad it is sensible and completely normal that he would not be invited to training with the squad.

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