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This Player signed his first Pro contract at the ripe old age of 20yrs old, his early career was with 2 smaller clubs (hard to describe) before he got a move to a huge club, although not one of the Big 6 as we describe them in these threads. He played 148 games for the club scoring 10 goals before moving on. He played 10 yrs for his "Main" club where he played 337 games scoring 10 goals. His career total of games played is 693 senior appearances scoring 38 times. He played at International level for his country 56 times scoring 2 goals. In his latter years having left his "Main" club he played abroad for a while before finally hanging up his boots. I'm not sure if this still stands, but a few years ago in a poll held by a major newspaper, he was voted as the clubs greatest ever player, as I say this may not still be the case now as it seems if a player can stand upright and juggle the ball for a couple of minutes he's a superstar. Usual Rules Please Gents.

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1 hour ago, Bill Atkins said:

Agreed I only associated with one team


1 hour ago, Wilder Bollox said:

The loans abroad were during his career for that team so were presumably promotional . Wonder what he'd be worth in todays game

Yes, I only ever associate him with that one team. In terms of value!!! I dont know where you'd start with todays over inflated valuations for very average players, but how many of the old school players would you struggle to value based on todays prices. It's hard to imagine that most of our World Cup Winners ended up not exactly broke, but living very ordinary lives compared to the multi millionaire players of today who by comparison are nowhere near as good footballers. I'm not talking fitness levels etc which we would agree are far better now but just pure footballing ability in far harsher times, poor playing surfaces etc.

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