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1 hour ago, neilstewart said:

Did he play for a team that themselves have gone up through all 4 divisions. Off the top of my head I can think of Hull, Fulham And Bournemouth that have done that within the last 20 years.

Hi Neilstewart; No, different teams and sadly none of the above. It might possibly be more than 20yrs?????

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8 hours ago, Bill Atkins said:

John mcgoven

Well done Bill and WB. John McGovern, he was Cloughies go to man, made both Derby & Notts Forrest tick. He won every domestic medal available except an FA Cup medal and led Forrest to 2 European Cups and yet for some reason he wasn't deemed good enough to play for that World Dominant National team, Scotland!!!! When you look at the Leeds situation it's well documented about Cloughie, but the player power within the club was actually out of control at that time, and look what a quality player they had but failed to utilise just because of his Clough connections, possibly the one that got away. Great great player.

The unique record he holds:- The youngest player to have played across all 4 Divisions at 19yrs old.

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7 minutes ago, Bill Atkins said:

I remember him playing at the shay with Hartlepool (had a quiet match) Surprised he only scored 27 goals

Yes I thought that as well Bill, but I think he was definitely a more defensive midfielder and never really ventured to far forward. He was very disiplined and held his position, I think thats probably where the quotations come from about him making the other players around him look good.

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