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This player had a decent career squeezing in 627 appearances scoring 232 goals. He played mainly for what would probably be termed "unfashionable" clubs having only a short but fruitful spell with one of the big 6. He represented his country 52 times scoring 12 goals. He was a very good player but I always found him a bit of a strange character? Usual Rules Gents Please

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2 hours ago, rdj said:

Dion Dublin ?


2 hours ago, themanwhowasntthere said:

Emile Heskey.


2 hours ago, Bill Atkins said:

Trevor Francis not sure about the strange bit. ?....

Well done Bill Atkins, Trevor Francis. I dont know what it was about him, but when he was being interviewed or doing punditry I just found him a bit "strange". Just my own opinion, he's probably a really nice guy.

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6 minutes ago, Icke's Lizard said:

Also had a spell with Sampdoria and wasn't Souness with him at the time. 

Yes he was Ickes L, they elevated Sampdoria to great things back then. Francis was the first million pound footballer when he signed for Forrest, although Brian Clough says he only paid £999,999.00 cos he didnt want the million pound tag to go to Francis's head!!! ( Cloughie was brilliant). He made his first appearance for Forrest in the European Cup Final  against Malmo and scored the winning goal, how goods that. Of course Cloughie took all the credit for brilliant management. He was a great footballer, strike rate of 1 in 2.7 games, but for me he never just cut it in an England shirt, mind you, you can say that about loads of players over the years!!

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5 hours ago, Wilder Bollox said:

Una Stubbs ?

Bollox did you know Una Stubbs first major film roll was in the film Summer Holiday, with your other popular answer Cliff Richards. Hows that for useless information?

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9 hours ago, Wilder Bollox said:

It was a masterstroke by ITV casting Trevor Francis in the part of Jiggle it Geoff

I think PW might be trying to sign Tommy Orpington from Weatherfield County.

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