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Notts County v Harrogate

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2 hours ago, ITMAN said:

Wrexham would be expected to bring around 1,000 based on last seasons numbers, although that was a BH. Barrow, playing on a BH and still being in a dogfight with Harrogate would maybe have brought another 1,000. Aldershot end of season game nothing to play for, probably 200. So probably nearer the £44k mark.

However, the Barrow game may have sparked a bit more local interest, but hey ho we will never know, but it no doubt put a big dent in Mr B's budget forecast/cashflow


Wrexham would have been around the 500 mark but Barrow would have been over 1000.

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It sums up football that the oldest professional club in the world have a play off game against a team who's ground capacity is lower than County's average attendance. That only happens because Notts are the epitomy of a mismanaged football club. Years of clown like behaviour have got them here. They should win of course but they are a team of overpaid journeymen versus a team of overpaid non leaguers.   It will be tight,  and it will be a sad day for the league if Harrogate pull it off. The least followed hobbyist club of league history. They would make teams like  Crawley and Forest Green look big. 

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