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BorehamWood Virtual Tickets NOW ON SALE.

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18 hours ago, chadders said:

Read the bit about they've been updating every day with some totals.

Still not done up to my post that day. 

Try not to take ANY question that involves informaton given by tje ub as a criticism of the club or a dig at the club because it's obvious to everyone else that it's not. 

You aren't the only one bud but there are few that if ANYONE asks a question about the club or perhaps questions something or makes a comment that contrary to something the club or players or manager is doing, it's instantly met ith either a derogatory remark or one that's ultradefensive. 

I think the only thing I've criticised the club about recently is the price of the clubs masks and postage and packaging. But I'm not forced to buy one and it's my choice whether I do or not. But hey, that turned into a 5 page farce too. 

Anyway UTS. 

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{EDIT 19TH JUNE} The club have listened, and now you can buy your virtual tickets via the club shop at the following link - https://www.fchtshop.com/virtual-match-ticket-donation---bwfc-vs-f

Maybe, maybe not...but either way all ST income should be ring fenced for next season.

Got my virtual tickets and my t-shirts. I wanted to get in quick Borham Wood’s ground is quite small and I think these’ll sell out pretty quick  I’ll promote this on the SDS FB page too, great idea

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