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19 minutes ago, Skircoat Shed Archive said:

We were talking about these in the virtual Three Pigeons tonight. Very popular in the late 80s. Maybe time for a relaunch.370359801_Exeterpubgroup.thumb.jpg.3afd17646452edfd33433d60f73421d8.jpg

Bucket hats are very popular at the moment but not sun hat's which is what these are. 

I owned one but it was knocked off my head by a Rotherham United fan at the top of the Skircoat. 

I was trying to fathom out who that was in the middle and I'm pretty sure it's Timmy Hogan RIP. 

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1 minute ago, Skircoat Shed Archive said:

It is Tim. Photos from Exeter end of 87/8 season

My bad. Cheers for clearing that up. I'm viewing it via a phone using my old glasses. 

Bucket hats, which are very similar to the hats in the picture are very cheap to buy and make. It would be a decent mark up for the club. 

Maybe do two versions,an Adidas one and a cheaper one? Just a thought. 

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