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good job I deleted my original post of saying I would pay if it meant we would get to play in playoffs

Send Fylde down and York up Please

What about the blatant penalty not given to Killeen ? WE WUZ ROBBED !

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12 minutes ago, bazza45 said:

The Shay is far from being perfect but I'd guess its better than three quarters of those of the teams in the NL?

Its better than three quarters of those in League One and Two. 

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The EFL regulations in relations to clubs makes for interesting reading. 

  • 5.1 It shall have no more than 72 members (clubs)
  • 5.3 Subject to the provisions of the Articles of Association and these Regulations, The League may from time to time and upon such terms and conditions as it may think fit admit any Association Football club as a member
  • 7.7 At the end of each Season the Clubs occupying the bottom two places of League Two shall, in accordance with the Articles of Association and these Regulations, cease to be members of The League and join the National League, save as otherwise provided in Regulations 10, 11 and 12.
  • 10.1.3 (a) At the end of each Season the Champion club of The National League and The National League Runner Up (be that determined on the basis of League position alone or by way of play off competition) shall be eligible to apply for promotion to The League
  • 10.1.3 (b) If any of the foregoing conditions are not met by one or both of the clubs eligible to apply for promotion, the number of Clubs required to retire from League Two may, in the Board’s absolute discretion, be reduced accordingly and no other Clubs from The National League shall be eligible to join The League for the ensuing Season.
  • 11.1 Admission of new Clubs. For so long as the number of Clubs in The League shall be 72 or more no new club shall be admitted as a member of The League to replace a Club ceasing to be a member. In the event of the number of Clubs falling to below 72 the Board shall be empowered to admit clubs as new members up to a maximum number of 72 Clubs. Such new members shall only be admitted prior to the beginning of a Season, and shall play in League Two in their first Season.

The rules set out 2 different scenarios , one which outlines the regulations set out for promotion and relegation, i.e. 2 down from Div2 - 2 up from the National League and one where the EFL have to admit a new member in order to satisfy the terms of rule 11.1, that the league shall have no fewer than 72 clubs. With Bury being expelled the league should be automatically implementing rule 11.1.

The rules state that the Championship and Division One shall have 24 teams with Div 2 holding the remaining teams, but bear in mind the terms of rule 11.1 which sets the conditions of maintaining the number of member clubs as 72, so therefore a new member must be admitted, over and above the 2 clubs to be promoted from the National League as stated in rule 10.1.3 (a).

Other than one of the 2 promoted clubs from the National League failing to meet the membership criteria, then the number of clubs to be relegated from Div 2 is two, rule 7.7

So I would suggest that the EFL, should they decide to complete their season fully, including play-offs and relegation, would be looking to admit a third team from the National League as replacements for Bury, who would have to be offered a place in the National League (rule 10.1.3 (ii)). This would also require the National League to follow suit and/or declare Barrow as Champions with playoffs to determine the second club.


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League One have unsurprisingly not come to a decision on the season continuing. Those in play off positions want it to, those in the rest of the league don’t. League 2 are to vote later.

I’m not sure why they can’t do what the National League have done. Null and void the remaining games and then continue with a limited number of play off games for those that find themselves in them. Those in relegation positions are saying they don’t have money to complete a season. If the only other option is tough you are relegated, I’m sure they’ll soon by keen to continue the season and find the money from somewhere!

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I remain with my previous stance and it really is ridiculous that the leagues are trying to find other solutions. Scrap the season, call it null and void. Harsh on those hunting for promotion; a relief for those at risk of relegation. But overall, the only sensible option given the uncertain times we are in.

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3 minutes ago, Skircoat Shed Archive said:

League 2 vote to end the season & not relegate anybody. Assuming Barrow are admitted to replace Bury, that means no play-offs. Legal challenge to follow?

Not correct. They have concluded their seasons the same way we have. However promotion and relegation  issues have not been decided yet. 

They have concluded how the final placing stand on a points per game method so one step ahead of the National league at the minute. 

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5 minutes ago, Greggs said:

Well sky sports article tells a very different story to the bbc sport one. Sky sports one says no relegation to National league. BBC sport says not decided. 

BBC says Stevenage safe

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From the bbc 


it is understood League Two clubs want to use a weighted points-per-game system to finalise the table, which takes into account the average points won both home and away.

That method is intended to remove any bias towards sides who have played more home games than their rivals.

It has also been proposed that nobody will be relegated from League Two to the National League - meaning Stevenage, who are set to stay bottom of the table, would remain in the EFL.

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Just now, Nick said:

Off bbc correct ..then only possible for barrow to go up ..I hope they do 

Or they are involved in an end of season play off for all top 7 teams, maybe make it 8 by including Barnet who if you use PPG replace Stockport, that way both those 2 teams are involved. I dont subscribe to the promote Barrow idea, they haven't won the league simple as that. If Vauxhall Motors couldn't get promoted and they had actually won the league them why should Barrow? 

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What a farce.

League 2 want promotion but no relegation. 

Assume League 1 want promotion but no relegation.

Championship wants promotion but no relegation 

AND surprise surprise Premier League don’t want Relegation.

As many have said scrap the season and let’s keep amused during the Summer watching the  Legal Boys fighting for the self interest of their respective clubs.



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If the EFL go for PPG or final places at the time of suspension for promotion and the NFL are waiting to see what the EFL decide then it follows that the NFL will adopt the same formula which means Barrow will be promoted. Personally I think all the leagues should null and void but at the end of the day money talks and the goverment appear to be pampering to the rich and their donaters by sacrificing the low paid workers so they get richer.

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