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World Cup Of Halifax Pubs.

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To lighten the mood and bring back some good memories I'm thinking of starting a World Cup of Halifax pubs. 

32 pubs all drawn out of a hat in groups of 4 and each group voted on each day. Then the winner of the group going into a knockout vote tie each day. 

Would anybody like to see this? 

I'd list all the usual pubs based in the town centre and take suggestions to fill out the 32 places. So list your suggestions below and if people are up for it I'll do it. 

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Big Six surely worth a nomination? 

If the winning pub is still standing at the end of this then I think everyone should make it their first pit stop when doors re-open  

Bloody hell, im desperate for a pint!  

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So far I've got a list of current town centre pubs. 

George, Union cross, brass cat, jubilee, meandering bear, white horse, old post office, three pigeons, royal Oak,  old cock, yates, bow leg, Percy shows,  barum top, bees knees, plummet, Lewins, Alexandra bar, grayston unity, victoria bar. Kopenhagen, ring o bells. 

I'll include the odd few defunct pubs that are within recent memory like baileys, Westgate, courtyard, sportsman. 

That leaves me with 26. If you can think of anymore that aren't from 60yrs ago or are close enough to town. 

Need 6 more. 

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5 minutes ago, bazza45 said:

Old King at King Cross.  Is that near enough to town?

Maybe could throw in a Sowerby Bridge, Kings Cross pub? A local near to anybody? 

Maybe make it halifax and surrounding areas wide. Celebrate some good pubs still going despite all the trouble they've had I'm recent years with the downturn in the trade. 

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33 minutes ago, bradfax said:

Cock o the north at hipperholme?

Now that is a shout. Haven't been in for years but heard it's been made bigger and my mates played a gig up there the other week. 


22 minutes ago, Flea said:

Big Six surely worth a nomination? 

Another place I haven't been for yonks but seems to get a honourable mention once in a while on here. I'll include it. 

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Some great suggestions of pubs I totally forgot about. Keep them coming.

I'll get all nominations in for Friday evening which will give people a few days to catch up and I'll probably kick off our world cup on Saturday when quite a few of us will be having a few drinks. 


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