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Make sure everyone is part of a local mutual aid or support group too. They’ve been springing up all across the country. There’s the opportunity to have your number in a groupchat with your neighbourhood, either when you’re in need or can offer help/skills yourself.

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I am unsure whether we'll see major food shortages as even hardest hit areas such as Italy are ok after the initial panic mode. Just a top tip if anyone needs urgent supplies, wholesalers that supply pubs, restaurants and hotels are brimming with food and are now targeting retail private customers. I have current contacts in Blackpool/Fylde (DJ- I can source biscuits!) but not in Yorkshire although situation will be similar 

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9 minutes ago, dj funky said:

Thanks Vinny but ok in fact just got a delivery of Lotus biscuits last night delivered after the movie had finished around 12 30, these guys working late.

After fruit shorties I'd say lotus are the best biscuits. Even available as a spread in some supermarkets. 

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