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Think if I was a Bury fan I would more enthusiastic about the Phoenix club than anything associated with deluded Steve Dale.

I think the only fair thing to do is return all teams to their league position in 1970/71 when we didn't make such a fuss of these things and we can return to playing Aston Villa

Well, quite! Supposed it’s balanced by the rest of your trips being to Batley and Dewsbury!

5 hours ago, shaymandownsouff said:

So that’s the Phoenix club accepted at NWC and no spot as it stands for the remnants of the original club

Not till next season when it may be reconsidered.

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Are the people at the phoenix club deliberately trying to wind Dale up?

They have formed a new club with one letter difference to Bury FC (how have FA allowed this?)  and their new badge is the same as original club's one with a different shade of blue with bits chopped off.

Nice bar for them at Radcliffe though, can stand in there with a drink on a cold day and watch the action outside

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