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Erik Everhard

Town v Solihull

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16 minutes ago, francisfirth said:

Interesting listening to Tim Flowers' reaction,  know it has been mentioned elsewhere. Clearly much more balanced than Challinor last week but a comment in there that attracted my attention was around how Solihull have some better quality players this year and how less capable teams are beating them despite their quality. I saw this on Saturday and have seen it countless times in football.   They did have a few who were clearly class acts, but perhaps don't have the biggest of hearts. 

That for me sums up this team, we have a bunch of very average players, nowhere near the level of some more moneyed clubs, with probably one of the best keepers in the league and the best captain.  However, get them to work as a never say die style unit and that average capability is turned into something that can always have a chance of winning.  Because we are working as that type of unit, it's no surprise the goals are coming from everywhere.  Also that means our threats come from all angles, not just the big 20 goals a season man who does a predictable job up front.  

We don't have any obvious gaps, I disagree that this player is a weak link or that players isn't quite good enough, they all meet the standard we need.  As ever the depth of our squad and the amount of cash we have to cover injuries to key players is going to define our season as much as anything else is.  At the moment this is a bit like watching a Wilder team but with flair. 

Definite similarities with Wilder.

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Personally I would rather have a bunch of lads like we've got rather than a bunch of primma donnas, and you dont have to look to hard to find teams who are just that, Fylde come to mind. Only concern as I've said before is our lack of cover in certain positions. But that said lets not panic, theres a long way to go and I'm sure we'll see some nail biting stuff before the end of the season.

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