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Bill Atkins

FC Halifax Town European Pr Interviews

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5 hours ago, Bill Atkins said:

Following a hiatus of 10 days not years the BOD would like to update the fan base on the progress regarding the above vacancy. In upholding the forum,s cherished data protection principles Steve Lumb was instructed to contact a group of professionals to assist in drawing names out of a hat for an interview for the vacancy. Steve conducted the draw (blindfolded) in the foyer of Odeon bingo hall with the Town,s professional bingo playersOnly those who could play six cards at once were considered to be able to multi task enough to make the draw


The interview started well with Shaymen0 stating that HTAFC had also been s*****te but the interview was terminated when he stated that FC HT would also always be s****te


A joint bid which unravelled because Eddie has no mates and talks too much sense


Previous commercial experience of the club,s operation initially stood him in good stead until he admitted the existence of Halifax RLFC and their right to use. a community stadium


 Extremely articulate in outlining the BOD failings over the last ten years However due to budgetary constraints the club refused to pay import duty from Belgium for the chips on his shoulders Plus he had no convictions for criminal offences


Depth of knowledge of pub league football impressed the board until asked who was the best goal scorer for the club Vardy or Gregory and he replied Adam Morgan


Although 79 Bill was considered for post until he pointed out that he had not scored a goal for 40 years. The BOD realising that his scoring rate was on a par with Quidley immediately added him to the match day squad against Aldershot


Favourites for the job believing that JF, was a great leader but spoilt their application when they said the UK should not leave the EU because Hoddie would be left stranded in Belgium with all the other Wallons




Very good :):) Nice to see most forum users have a good sense of humour .

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