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"don’t forget a lot of season ticket holders miss some games and then they don’t count on the attendance" 

I thought issued season ticket numbers were included in attendance numbers, hence the high gates following Wembley yet few faces in the ground

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13 hours ago, PRS said:

Please tell me how you calculate that our current board is worth £100 Million?


13 hours ago, Erik Everhard said:

I feel there could be a crowd of over 1800 on Saturday. Crowds like that and more will help to pay for it.

I truly would be gutted if we only get 1800 ,I would expect a decent crowd no Premier League or championship games hopefully we can pick up a few floating fans too .Leyton Orient are in top form and are reasonably well supported it would be nice to think they will bring 300 to 400 fans with them ,It will be one of our hardest games probably tougher than Wrexham.

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