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This year as been bad with losing two good friends and last week my sister passed away and not sure if I will make the funeral Wednesday.Had various tests on a condition since October but nobody seems

What is interesting now we have reformed and been going nearly ten years is that the fractions, concerns and fears that "split" the fans are mainly due to things like the direction in which the club i

Looked a strong starting line up and indeed bench today but struggled to match the passing and movement of Bromley especially in the second half I'm that ten minute spell. Sure the free kick that led

1 minute ago, HalifaxTownfan said:

36 mins Collins now booked

For kicking the ball away as well, Too many petulant bookings this season. 

I can accept the lower down in the table the more bookings you'll get as you break up play and are sometimes slow and not good enough in games (the table reflects that). Kicking the ball away is annoying tbh. 

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49 minutes ago, Icke's Lizard said:

I'll be honest, I'm nervous about getting dragged into a relegation scrap. I've got a lot of things going on at the moment and could do without it!!

Getting dragged in? We are already in the relegation scrap. Solihull, Orient and Hartlepool won’t go down imo. We are now losing and struggling to pick up 3 points. 

Yes we’ve signed Tuton but it’s not enough to keep us up. 

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