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Former players

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Sad news regarding two former Halifax Town players. Lee Bracey, goalkeeper in the early Nineties who won the Supporters' Club Player of the Year Award in 1991-92, is receiving treatment for throat cancer. And over the weekend I was in contact with the family of Roy Lorenson, a centre-back in the Fifties, and who many of you will not have come across. Sadly, he is suffering badly with Alzheimer's, an illness which seems to have struck many former footballers. 

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Alzheimers is a cruel illness that destroys family life and seems to have a link to heading footballs. Older people like me can well remember heading the old leather balls. If it was wet it was like heading a wall and if the ball was laced badly and you were unfortunate to head the laces you carried a not so nice reminder on your forehead for a while. I'm not convinced that the modern footballs will have the same effect in years to come. 

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1 Paul Hand 

2. Darren Lyons 

3. Peter Jackson 

4. Andy Woods 

5. Paul Stoneman 

6. Noel Horner 

7. Geoff Horsfield 

8. Andy Thackary

9. Mark Bradshaw 

10. Alan Russell Cox 

11 Martin Ayscough 


13 Gareth Hamlet 





18 James Nestor 


20 Dave Worthington

21 Damien Place 

22 Willie Griffiths 

23 Keiron O Regan 

24 George Mullhall 

25 Jamie Paterson

26 Jon Brown 

27 Gary Brook

28 Kevin Hulme 


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