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10 hours ago, Bish said:

Legend or not he was still a mainstay in the team which was relegated from the national league, however in his mitigation he bloody gave it his all and if some of the other team had the same desire as Macca we wouldn't have been in that mess

Very similar to the role of Craig Midgley and Paul Harsley in the 2002 relegation season IMO, always 100% effort throughout when surrounded (in the 2002 case, not the 2016 case I hasten to add) by a load of freeloaders who didn't give a toss.

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4 hours ago, Norm said:

I  think that if we hadn't had comical we wouldn't have been in the mess.

 The players demonstrated under Harvey that they are probably a mid table conference side.


If we had maintained our points to game ratio under Harvey for the entire season we would have indeed finished 12th.

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