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Wrexham Game

Erik Everhard

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Yes Eddie, he did. Then he signed Vardy, arguably the best player to ever play non league football who played well for the club and then was sold for just short of half a million (in add ons). He also signed Lee Gregory, whose goals helped Town to promotion from Con North and very nearly got Town promoted to the football league. Now when this happened, Town we're a part time team competing in a league half full of full time teams on much bigger budgets. He also signed Marc Roberts, Lois Maynard and Pearson who have all gone on to better things. So, when you look at his career at the club so far, discounting the glue leagues, as you have, Aspin has still done a fantastic job, so far, on a small budget. Sooner or later, you will run out of players with the potential to be a success and have poor season. This is not down to poor management or coaching.

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Brown has wished the lads good luck today on twitter so presume he isn't playing.

My guess for the team would be:


Roberts Bolton Hutchison McManus


Tuton Hibbs James Hughes


Subs: Porter, Whitehouse, Walker, MacDonald, Hattersley

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