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Forest Green Game...


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Bottom 4 all losing, shame Dover let in a second to Torquay after equalising otherwise we'd be 1 place higher. Let's hold on to the 3 points now! Will be a great result.


Dover scored again!

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Tactics have changed you dummy

Of course they have changed....we won.

You would have been blaming the tactics had we lost (which we quite easily could).

It's all about winning and give or take an odd pass or long ball Aspins teams generally offer the same thing week in week out. And long may it continue.

Several punches thrown towards Town players. FGR players clearly not happy. Aspin taken to the floor by one Rovers players.

Aspin taken to the floor!! Lmao.

Who the feck are forest fecking green to come to our patch and start fighting.

Southern veggie softies on 4 times more money beaten by a TEAM of hard northerners.


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Things have changed we were playing 5 at the back and it didn't work. Good on Neil Aspin for changing it. Like it or not our form over 16 games was poor.

We are winning. Nobody cares how. People only care how in defeat.

Should rename the forum simpletons.net


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