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  1. Have bought 1 x Adult, 1x aged 12-17 and 1 x under 12
  2. Sad news indeed. The best player we had by miles in the two seasons that got me hooked on following Town in 78/79 and 79/80. Remember him scoring in the 2-1 league win over Walsall and was easily man of the match in the fantastic 2-1 Boxing Day win over the Poodles. Was chuffed to see him go on to play for Ireland. How we could do with a midfielder with half his ability now! His was the first name I thought of when I joined this message board years ago. God be with you Mick. One of the all time Town greats!
  3. Can see attendance being a good bit less than 700 on Saturday. There’s normally a gang of about 12 of us (including kids) sat in The East Stand but none of us are wanting to risk another afternoon like last Saturday and so we’re all giving it the swerve. I thought our manager had a pedigree as a Premier League midfielder. By sitting the two central midfielders in front of the defence to try and ensure our solid but slow centre halves are not exposed, we’re handing complete freedom of the midfield to the other team. How can he not see this? Unless something drastically changes quickly this weekend’s Trophy attendance should give Mr B a good idea on where to set his budget for next year because that’s where the league attendances will quickly drop to. I’ve been a regular at The Shay for the past 40 years and have had a season ticket for the past 25 seasons. If Jamie continues to serve up the dross we’re being offered at present I shan’t be renewing my ticket. People can talk about loyalty but fundamentally we’re paying to be entertained and there’s been precious little entertainment since early September!
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