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  1. Agree with that Nick, home form is poor, away more opportunity for breaking with pace.
  2. Bound to happen, nor a "high enough Profile" for the new owner, guess the next one will be a "big name" signing
  3. Great advert for the non league game , excellent entertainment despite poor quality streaming
  4. I've supported town for more years than most and i have never felt as disillusioned and despondent as i do now, its a combination of awful football and absolutely crap streaming in a season which i felt we actually promised a decent footballing side with skilful players and attacking potential, instead we have a manager devoid of tactical awareness and a refusal to recognize when the system is not working I'm not one to advocate changing managers at the drop of a hat but if in the next 3/4 games there's no significant improvement, then we need to take that deceition or we are heading bac
  5. Dont worry its all going to change this weekend !!!
  6. certainly worth a try since our current systems not working,
  7. Whos going to get the ball into Hyde, we must score first tonight,
  8. Noticed at the Birmingham v Bournemouth game 3 ex Halifax Players, Hogan, Brooke and Roberts
  9. i had to pay to get in, not very good at all, reset my account so now will need a new code i guess
  10. Remember going to Droylsden for a cup came, they were in a league above, we won 2-1 (may have been 2-0) if i remember correctly, believe Dan Gardener played for them before we signed him
  11. I wont worry about promotion, before this is over there may well be only enough teams left to make up one league let alone FL2 and Conference
  12. Sorry have i missed something, is there still a rugby club in Halifax?
  13. I have to say that, in view of our poor performance towards the end of the season (with one or two exceptions), i am not concerned about the people who are leaving, we can only get better and I look forward to seeing the new players coming in I have every confidence that we will be a top 10 team next season, just need a experienced CH and midfield player to complement the young players coming in
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