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  1. I wont worry about promotion, before this is over there may well be only enough teams left to make up one league let alone FL2 and Conference
  2. Sorry have i missed something, is there still a rugby club in Halifax?
  3. Peter J

    Squad So Far

    I have to say that, in view of our poor performance towards the end of the season (with one or two exceptions), i am not concerned about the people who are leaving, we can only get better and I look forward to seeing the new players coming in I have every confidence that we will be a top 10 team next season, just need a experienced CH and midfield player to complement the young players coming in
  4. Agree with the general feeling that we are in need of new ideas, the way forward on the filed is to pick the best 11 and play to the same system each game with the same players we do not need any more than 16/17 players, more than this leads to too many not playing and therefore not match fit or sharp In my view we should stick with the best 11 and only change due to injury, allow players who lose form to "play through it" you cannot regain from sat on the bench
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