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    always waiting for chadders to cut and paste one of his two hilarious gags
  1. i would like to stay down there friday night but will be driving home on saturday evening.
  2. just signed up for both events,cant wait x
  3. agree with bish and martin tbh
  4. dont know why that has a line through it?
  5. lets stay in blackpool lads cmon
  6. great report,sites looking good,whats the chances of updating our stats/appearences since we started mate?
  7. ps anyone of the squad taking part are v welcome to sponsor one of the 8 taking part
  8. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/davidandmatty can everyone who is taking part have a big push this week or we are gonna come up with a lower than expected total as there are only 8 participants,i know it aint easy these days but lets have one final go and see if we cant get to anywhere near 1k
  9. okay then its come to that time of year again when we are asking as many of the squad as possible to sign up to run the leeds 10k or 9k in the case of cheating barsteward adam probets sunday 8th july.entry is £26. this is your chance to help macmillan cancer support and help people live through and get over the effects of cancer. its been a huge success in the past with 12 of the squad taking part last year and we have been ever present at the 10k since its inception. please please make the effort to sign up and pledge to raise some funds for MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT. http://www
  10. was the subject of two very late tackles from behind playing against yorkshire amateurs u19s,second one he thinks it knocked off his kneecap and he thinks it went back on in the same instant,its the one he dislocated about 18 months ago,his knee has swollen up like a balloon and he has a lot of fluid on it,too early to say how much damage is done . the lad who did the tackles was red carded :evil:
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