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  1. It's a no brainer Josh Wilson player manager. His cousin Joey Barton will lend him a few players and advise him.
  2. Cant believe you haven't got Josh Wilson in there, come on Flea.
  3. It will be nice to see Josh Wilson back where he should be playing next season.
  4. I'd like to open this new topic with our ex player Josh Wilson, who by the way scored again for Chorley yesterday in their 4 - 1 win at York. Where are all our ex players now feel free to tell us.
  5. Clear at top of Nat North now. It will be good to see them back down Shay next season, especially Josh Wilson who scored one and made one yesterday.
  6. Just thought I'd drop in and wish all my fellow Town fans a happy new year. Poor turn out for Guiseley v BPA yesterday only1100. Did anyone notice Josh Wilson scored twice for Chorley yesterday. Wish we still had him.
  7. Put Josh Wilson where you've got Junior Brown. That's a team.
  8. Won again yesterday, oh and Josh Wilson scored again.
  9. Chorley unbeaten and top of the Nat North. Must have a hell of a good team because Josh Wilson is on the bench. He came on yesterday and popped the winner in though. Wish we still had him on on our books.
  10. Great call, he would probably bring Josh Wilson back.
  11. Josh Wilson scored 10 this season from left midfield. Proven at this level. Would be good signing.
  12. Your right what you are saying Mr V. But how do we move on . The current board like i said in an earlier post will always balance the books. Which equals no spending on players. Aspin tries to keep us in this league playing negative football. £17 to get in watching poor stuff = 1200 gates. Chicken and Egg. We need a money man.
  13. You've gone a Bridge too far this time mate.
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