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  1. That would be my team if Senior is fit. Surely a chance for Tear if not? Also got to question is Woods fit enough to start? If not, we are limited to 4 at the back. Will be nice to have an attacking option or two from the bench.
  2. Can see us scoring a goal or two but got concerns about the defence. Hoping Senior is fit otherwise we are going to have to play someone out of position. I’ll go 1-1
  3. Considering Bell has yet to even make a match day squad since Stockport recalled him, I suspect they did it purely to weaken us. Add in the fact that based on the wording of towns announcement, Hull may be paying Chadwicks wages whereas Stockport certainly wouldn’t let us have Bell for free. I can’t see it happening. His contract is up at the end of the season though, suspect he may be one we look at.
  4. That would be my team if Senior is fit. If not probably Tear in as one of the wing backs. Allen and Campbell off the bench could come in handy. Nice to have some good attacking options
  5. Whilst Chadwick is a very good signing, we still blatantly need a centre mid in Summerfields absence. I wonder if Wild/DB is hoping Spence will be the answer to that problem with him nearing to fitness?
  6. That’s a cracking signing. The way Town have worded it as well suggests we might not be paying his wages either. Buzzing with that
  7. Realistically, we need a win if we want to keep up with the playoff race. Sounds like we are down to bare bones. No left backs for this game based on PW comments. I suspect King at left back, Maher right back, Woods in midfield?
  8. Completely agree. Another controversial point could be the likes of Chesterfield furloughing players they don't want/need and signing new players. It's ridiculous. Also, I might be making things up but did i see somewhere earlier today that Kings Lynn and Weymouth have furloughed some of their squads with Wealdstone soon to follow? Surely that's technically giving them an unfair advantage for next season as well as compromising the remainder of this season. Without wanting to sound negative, with Wild pretty much saying we can't afford to make any new signings, we are literally down
  9. Willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the South Shields game. However, the Southport trophy game was very poor. Appreciate the prize money isn't as good but every little helps
  10. Definitely, what's the old saying? Sometime you've got to spend money to make money. As long as we aren't breaking the bank for him it's a good long term investment. Got a very good feeling about the off-season.
  11. Just thinking the same thing. I've got a very good feeling about the summer ahead.
  12. Don’t want to sound negative but with Wild pretty much confirming no new signings coming in anytime soon (and rightly so given the circumstances) I feel any chance of the playoffs are gone. Williams out suspended for the next 2 games and Senior a doubt for Saturday. Believe that will put us down to 14 players for Saturday. Let’s just finish as high as we can at this point. Midtable wouldn’t be a bad return considering what we’ve been through this season.
  13. Don’t think anyone can have too many major complaints tonight. Definitely a fair result. We are badly missing Summerfield in midfield. Unfortunately we aren’t quite good enough for the playoffs. We aren’t a million miles away but the injuries/inconsistency have us in a deserved mid table position.
  14. He played also on Saturday but fair play to him
  15. Not hard when no one is getting within 10 yards of them
  16. Playing like the away team. Showing them far too much respect
  17. Good finish but a shocking goal to concede. Far too easy
  18. I suspect any signings we make for the rest of the season will either be non contract or loanees where the parent club pays the wages. Alty will more than likely be paying his, and the other 2 loanees wages they’ve just signed. Good signing for them though. Fair play
  19. AJS


    Could be a chance for young Jay Benn should one of the current back 3 get injured. We need to be careful with Clarke, an eye injury is potentially life changing. Can't afford to rush him back. Wonder if Huddersfield could lend us a player or two?
  20. AJS


    Talk about bad luck! Another season ending injury! I know he barely played for us but that's just rotten luck. Wish him a swift recovery and best of luck for the future
  21. Playoffs starting to slip away from us. We are going to have to go on a very good run to stand any chance of making them. 6 of the next 7 games are against other playoff contenders. Think we will know by the end of those 7 games where we likely finish
  22. I suspected the same thing. Especially given we’ve taken out the loan. I’m sure Huddersfield wouldn’t mind lending us one or two of their youngsters. It’s a win/win for all parties really
  23. Hard to read into this result. Based on PW comments on the interview, it sounded like we were going to give minutes to fringe players and players returning from injury. From what my Hudds supporting mate tells me who watches us when he gets chance occassionally, it's a very strong team they put out. He reckons some of their youngsters could easily play at L2 level.
  24. Strong team from Huddersfield. Quite a few first teamers in there as well as Sorba Thomas who killed us for BW in the playoffs
  25. Definitely. We’ve been crying out for a scout ever since he left
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