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  1. Still very early days in the season and it remains unclear as to how our season will pan out but you feel tomorrow will give a good indication as to how were going to get on this season. Despite their steady start you have to fancy Fylde to make, at the very least, play offs As you say they have goal threats seemingly all over the place, we should fancy our chances of scoring but we'll have to do a lot of defending to keep them out.
  2. If anything injuries to forward players ultimately saved our season, how close to relegation would we have been had Rodney & Duku not come along when they did? Seeing Preston, Edwards & Southwell got about 10 goals between them it was a good job we had to shake it up.
  3. greygoose


    Think we all know really, JF certainly did because he walked away, something he wouldn't have done had he been confident in improving our fortunes. Ok i conceed we don't actually know but it wasn't looking good was it? My opinion of last season was some good results early doors based on solid defence and numerous set piece goals put us in a false league position, people say what went wrong from there on in but the truth was nothing, we were never that good. The following months showed this to be case as we went on a run that would have seen 95% of managers sacked, it was only at the point of injurys to Tomlinson/Southwell meant that the likes of Hardy, Rodney & Duku came in to save the season. We then pulled away from danger and it looks like a comfortable mid table finish when in truth for half the season or more we were as poor as any one points wise.
  4. Not suggesting he didn't do it well but as he oversaw the transition from PT to FT he was always going to be the one that moved the club on to the next level in terms of training wasn't he? Prior to this we only trained two evenings a week which became one if we had a Tuesday fixture so you would expect the club to move forward in this area once training 3/4 days a week. It looks like he's done it very well though so fair play to him, its good to see he has left something behind that the club can continue to utilise. Its this sort of thing that probably defines him more of a coach than a manger though, attention to detail and organising things on the training ground seem to be his strength. Man management, game management, media relationships and fan relationships are more off the cuff sort of strengths something that his personality struggled with and unfortunately for him how most managers are judged.
  5. greygoose


    There weren't many if any that wanted Heath to stay at the point he was dismissed. But there were people wanting the man fail, just so they could justify there chants for his head the previous season. His football was very basic and hard to watch but at least it was honest and not dressed up as anything else. JF brand of footbal was equally dire on the eye but he tried to put a complicated spin on it. Had Duku and Rodney not come along when they did we may well have been back playing national north football now. There is no perfect manager for this club but having a likeable character is a start and something we now seem to have. Lets see where it takes us?
  6. 1&2 - Hope so but its early days an almost mirror image if last season start which didnt last. 3. The interesting new manager doesn't seem to agree as he cant get on the pitch. 4. He was always good, just needed utilising correctly. But yes he's certainly coming on. 5. He's been ok so far but nothing eye catching as yet, hopefully better to come. 6. Counts for nothing. 7. Agree but positivity alone wont be enough, more quality required.
  7. The current is not any stronger than it was last season but we do have a manager who i have a bit more faith in. If we can add 2/3 the a play off push is possible but with the current squad its not imo. Final position 17th
  8. How was it positive? results don't count and we had to scramble together several signings. Games postponed aswell meaning we were a week behind other teams., Wild said so himself. Winning the opening 3 games was inspite of pre season.
  9. I agree, lets also not fotget what a disaster pre season turned out to be. We are 2/3 good players away from any kind of play off challenge. Theres also a few of the summer recruits starting to look like the rushed signings they were. With this in mind overall you have to be pleased with the 10 points we've already got, 40 more to go. I can only see a similar outcome to last season at present, solid at the back but struggling for goals again but it should be enough to survive.
  10. Holding the ball up is a must in the formation we are playing or it will continue to return and see us under pressure.
  11. Surprised Tobi has been taken out of the forward line, no physicality up top now.
  12. In this league you simply must have a physical presence up top, so the answer atm is probably to tweak the formation and have someone play up with Silva, Mcalindon looks the obvious choice for this. I don't see Mcalindon or Southwell getting much joy as a lone striker.
  13. Maher would not of enhanced our chances of winning the game last night though would he? This is my problem with the 2 of them, when were chasing a game they dont have attacking ability to drive the team forward from the middle. All good and well when were protecting a lead like the previous 2 games at home but will they help us chase a game? i cant see it.
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