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  1. Correct, every option you look at has its downfalls and its not really a 1 suits all scenario. I think in the short term the club needs a reasonable price for the streaming service and focus on how to generate as much as possible through that. Once thats all in place look into possible options for ST holders.
  2. A fairly talented footballer but was never a full back and just carried too much weight.
  3. greygoose

    No fans

    This is true, many families go and will now potentially watch a game for £10 rather than £40/50 I've just seen that the Premier league have brough fwd certain kick off times to accomidate pub serving hours. I'm finding it hard to accept that i can go, in a no doubt fairly busy pub to watch a PL game. I cant however, stand or sit in a outdoor arena socially distance from everyone else??
  4. Thing to remember is, if your only getting paid out for 500 away fans its equivilant to just 250 as its half price. Hopefully we dont follow the FL with this 500 figure, it will only benefit the Wrexhams/ Notts Countys.
  5. What you also have to consider is away fans, theres potential revenue from them along side exiles, if only on a 1 off basis for each club. Be interested to know how many D&R fans would buy a live stream at £10 next week if ot was offered? Even with fans in the ground i suspect many would still go for it.
  6. Cant say i agree with away clubs profiting.
  7. If the seasons cancelled who's paying all the contracted players? It may be far from ideal but we must all adapt at this level. If Clitheroe can have a live stream set up then so can all NL clubs. Delaying the start of the season until crowds are allowed is no longer the answer. If we do that, again,who's paying the overheads with lttle to no income streams. I think we either start as planned (or as close as possible) or many clubs are dead!
  8. greygoose

    No fans

    Hope so Steve, its not ideal but delaying the start of the season is not an option either. Costs are ongoing and players are ready to go, i have a ST but wouldn't be against paying 5/6 quid to watch games.
  9. greygoose


    Does he really have ' messiah staus'? I dont think so, people are behind him in the main and whats wrong with that? It goes without saying he'll need results, just like every other manager in the world he's not beyond criticism.
  10. greygoose


    And Wild will no doubt have his, probably feels his top earner asking for money wont be food for squad morale.
  11. greygoose


    Sad to see him go as he's been top servant to the club and imo will take some replacing. That said though, i think we've had his best years. Comes across somwhat bitter by not mentioning Wild or Aspin though.
  12. Keep hearing this about not having a 2nd keeper but maybe the rules state you must register 2 in your squad? Does any team at this level only have only 1?
  13. Yes but why sell a ticket to any away fan over your own supporters in the first place? Im confident we'll get 1,300 for every game so why just call it a full house of home support?
  14. You decide whether to ban away fans on a game to game basis, the capacity is not sufficient for our own support at this point no away fans. Doubt there will be a point this season with 'no restrictions', but whilst the capacity is under 1,400 i cant see the sense in allowing away support.
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