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  1. Don't even think we were bottom 4 when Aspin got sacked. So it was his fault we were relegated?
  2. Lets just give up then, not take part in play offs and save some money! You must have missed having a pop at our players through lockdown, sad really.
  3. Devante Rodney decides he doesn't want to be a part of our club and what does it turn into?.....Some clowns having a pop at a player who will be trying to get us promoted....unbelievable!
  4. greygoose


    Never replaced him and a his spark that we've often missed, totally relient on Cam King for most of the season and when he wasn't at the races we've struggled as no one else could take the game to the opposition. Wouldnt take him back because we can do better, just that he wasnt replaced at all this year.
  5. Absolutely - Playing behind closed doors is a temporary measure and will more than likely benefit us rather than hinder us in the play offs, if we make it the FL who cares? Lets be honest, the way we were playing before lockdown was likely to result in a mid table finish rather than a play off one, we've been handed a chance of promotion, theres no form, no crowds and whilst still very difficult we certainly have a chance now.
  6. Maybe, maybe not...but either way all ST income should be ring fenced for next season.
  7. Winning promotion to the FL will be great.
  8. If thats all we can raise the town doesn't deserve league football. Confident we'll get double that with the right advertising.
  9. greygoose

    how much?

    Suspect the 100k figure is if you were to be successful and involved in 3 games. Therefore you'd have to pay 3 lots of travel, testing, match costs ect. Theres also wages to consider, probably be a month of training before and during games and taht will add up. The club may reveal all later?
  10. They wouldn't do it for free though and would ultimatly still be acting as an agent so im not it solves the problem?
  11. Accountants are not negotiaters though, which is what its all about. The only people that can get rid of agents are players themselves.
  12. Players obviously think there is a need.
  13. Not surprising really, at least we have the carrot of the FL. The promotion from North to National brings no real financial rewards so it needs weighing up.
  14. The maximun loan is 50k which even for a club like ours wont go very far. Its an option but i think we could fundraise close to that figure. Feel sorry for the club tbh, 50-100k to compete in the play offs which might last 90 mins. Only promotion makes it worth while but ultimately its a slim chance for us with 5 other clubs just as eager.
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