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  1. Agree, our hopes of any league success this season are on Hyde getting, and more importantly staying fit for the rest of the season. Unless we can get a long term quality loan player in that is, Campbell hopefully can be that aswelll?
  2. We could always put Allen and Campbell upfront as thats their positions? Playing Tear upfront makes no sense.
  3. He can't put the ball in the net for them can he? The chances were there for us, poor finishing and decision making in final 3rd tonight. Also poor defending, people must be mad to think Clarke wont improve our defence, Southport offered little but still helped themselves to two goals.
  4. Disagree with age thing Steve, i would have preferred either experience or a young FL player with potential like Chadwick. Campbell seems to be neither and has a host of short term deals/ loans that have come to nothing. Hopefully he'll have an impact but it looks like there's not many options for Wild out there.
  5. Dont think so, probably pocketed by FA.
  6. The pitch has no chance of being playable tomorrow. Moving it Sunday may not suit Southport as they play on Tuesday night. Flashscores fixtures have us down to play Hartlepool Tuesday? Have i missed that being rearranged?
  7. The Courier Office is still in Halifax, at Dean Clough not Sheffield, the printing side may well be if thats where Johnsons Press are? The online version is a pain to navigate with the ads ect, but ultimately it needs funding somehow. Personally i think the interview articles on FCHT are very good and informative. Like everything it comes down to personalchoice, i cant understand people reading and slating, just dont read it.
  8. Tbf its poor if we cant get the game on tomorrow. We've had 2 mild days and tomorrow doesnt look that bad either. If only the pitch folkers were as keen to help on non match days.
  9. So your logic: Slate team and individuals = your ambitious. Suppport team and individuals= Your just happy to be mediocre. Yeah ok!
  10. Not a bad point overall. Amuses me how some people are having a pop at the performance/individuals as the game was practically unwatchbale. Hopefully we cam get back to winning ways against Hartlepool.
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