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  1. I think your right about the North Stands debut game, was it easter Monday? About 4500 crowd there aswell.
  2. I keep hearing about lawyers getting involved, but what/who exactly are they holding to account? And who's gonna pay out?
  3. I think its becoming increasingly obvious that voiding this season (non league) is the only viable option.
  4. Who's paying the players wages for them to do nothing until July /August with no income streams? Or do we just use the handful of players contracted beyond April plus U19s? Its far from simple imo and i think they'll probably void the season below the FL.
  5. I'm not sure you could have a North/South in FL but there shouldn't be a national league. No sense at all in having non league clubs traveling like they do.
  6. Unless your self isolating, why on earth would you put youself through that again?
  7. Which teams? Some play better football than others but even the better ones go long a lot.
  8. Well your blaming the service to the strikers now but it was never mentioned when Tobi played half a season upfront on his own, it was all his fault. I'm not suggesting Tobi's a better anyway just makes me laugh some believed it was all him. I hope we get better than Redshaw next season he's probably played well twice.
  9. Imagine having a go at 1 player all season and then the penny finally drops...
  10. Yet when it was TSS up top he was soley to blame according to some, drop him and we'll win is what we were told, now were throwing him on to save the day. I think your making excuses for Redshaw and Rodney who were both poor overall.
  11. You can't play the ball on the deck at this level because most players dont have the ability to do it. We did get into good crossing positions a few times at which point Redshaw was in there but Rodney stayed on the edge of the box, why?. We need strikers who attack crosses if thats how were gonna play.
  12. If thats the last game for a few months then i dont think we'll be missing much. We simply cannot take a game to the opposition, playing on the counter with long balls in behind suits us. But if the opposition score 1st were done for as has been demonstrated many times. JBW cost us the goal but at least he tried to drive the team forward a bit afterwards. As mentioned Cooper was one of the better ones today but he still did nothing of note which tells its own story. I still believe to succeed at this level you need a physical presence up top, Rodney and Redshaw will not get on the end of crosses.
  13. greygoose


    Why can't they be null and void? Were in uncharted territory and the completion of a football season is not that important.
  14. greygoose


    It doesn't really matter now season's unlikely to finish.
  15. If they'd listened to you we'd have never signed Devante Rodney last season and probably be playing National North football right now!
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