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  1. It was a gift Trev as you damn well know but as i said he did well.
  2. Allen did well when he came on although the game was already in the bag by then, his goal a was absloute gift from a terrible individual mistake.
  3. He's not ready, needs to go straight back out on loan as he's not getting minutes at Spennymoor which probably tells its own story.
  4. I'd say today was a good performance that got a great result. Basically everything we hit 2nd half went in the net but at no point were we particularly dominant. You can see theres hopefully more to come from us as Cam King didnt even play that well today and Duckworth would improve the starting 11. Back in the mix and on paper a very winnable game next week, but i don't think today was quite the performance the result suggested annd theres still room for improvement.
  5. Thought Rodney did ok today, nothing too special but we know theres more to come from him. Hopefully he and Redshaw will form a good partnership moving forward.
  6. Big game for us tomorrow, we should look at it as a the start of a 'mini season' now because if we can string a few wins together then we are right back in the play off picture. On paper we now have a strike force that should get the goals and if Brown and Clarke can hold it together at the other end then who knows? The big concern for me remains in the middle of the park where certainly lack the ability to dominate play, if Southwell leaves then it has to be the area that's addressed for me. Line up for me would be: GK: Sam Defence: Duckwoth (RWB) Maher - Clarke - Brown- Williams (LWB) Midfield: - Staunton - J.KIng AM: C.King Strikers: Rodney - Redshaw Duckworths fit now and has probably been the player of the season to date so to me he has to play & Jeff King has played centrally before but Cooper will start there as expected. There will be a S**t storm from the usual suspects on here if Tobi starts (which will make for entertainment at least) but I expect Rodney to get the nod.
  7. It wouldn't work as Cam King does not posses the energy levels required for a central midfielder. He needs to be on the ball in dangerous areas not chasing about in front of the back 4. For it to work you'd need him further upfield than the other 2 midfielders, which would then mean the 2 players wide of the striker dropping back, you cant permanently have 4 players upfield as youd get over run. This pretty much puts us back to 4-2-3-1 which is what we've hust got rid of. I'd love to see the reaction on here when Rodney spends half the game covering the left back.
  8. I'd love to know how you'd accommodate them all?
  9. I dont have a hero, I'm talking about 1 player who has done very little, the stats back it up but apparently his performances have been good? Even though he doesn't score or assist which is his job.
  10. Not really, 2 goals and probably less assists.
  11. Allen has done very little all season.
  12. We know there not rubbish.
  13. He hasn't chosen Stockport over us as such, he's clearly had interest from the FL and backed himslef to get a move once his contract here finished. The moves he thought he would get haven't come off and as a result of snubbing us he's stayed at this level. May well be getting a bit more money there but i bet he's a bit disappointed how its ended. I think despite his goals he wasnt a player that ever stood out imo, had a purple patch which is enough to gain interest as a striker. He could do well at Stockport though because he does know where the net is but with our current formation and Redshaw/Rodney on board we shouldn't really miss him.
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