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  1. Yorkshire derby or not we'll be lucky to see over 100 from Harrogate. If we win tomorrow there may be 2000 home fans though.
  2. Think your right in some respects but he needs a fair crack as well before we can judge him fairly. Probably requires 10 games (starting) to see if he can get somewhere near his former self, so if he starts tomorrow and has little impact he should be persisted with and not written off.
  3. Really tough game against an in form side, i think a draw here and a win against Harrogate would be a good return.
  4. He had chances, in 34 games as a striker its impossible not too. Can you tell me what Southwell's strengths are then? Considering the unfair stick you used to dish out to Denton i'm amazed how your defending our current number 9s poor return.
  5. Duku was the striker that came with Rodney & to be fair he did ok for us but nothing too special, dont think he's scored for Torquay yet? Your making excuses for Southwell Nick, are you telling me that in his 34 games last season he didn't play with King? Hardy played about a game with Rodney as i remember so mot much difference in team mates. The tactics didnt really change, what changed was Rodney was a threat with his pace movement ect, most of his goals were his own making. Southwell deserves his chance under Wild, but its more in hope than expectation that he can prove last seasons poor form was the team around him rather than himself.
  6. No don't agree he scored 4 in 34 from open play which tells you all you need to know. When Rodney came in he got 7 in 12 with the same team mates/manager/system. I keep saying it but its true that players get better when injured. The truth on Southwell is he was no better than Edwards/Preston last season. Had he not been contracted he would have been released. I will be nice to have another option for sure and he could of course prove me wrong, though in the current system i dont see how he starts?
  7. And certain people would sack a manger every 12 months and wonder why we cant get above a bottom half finish. Swings and roundabouts i suppose!
  8. The problem with getting carried away is you leave yourself wide open for disappointment. I think people need to remind themselfs of what a disastrous pre season we had. The recruitment and preparation was not ideal so to be 3rd 6 weeks in is a great effort. Lets be honest its probably as good as it going to get if the last 2 games are where its heading. I thought we needed 2/3 quality additions even with everyone fit and thats still the case. This squad will not maintain its start as the quality is still not there. A solid defence and one quality attacking midfielder with 60 mins in his tank wont be enough. I'm not complaining about it becasuse it is what it is, we've had a great start and the manger can only work with what he has.
  9. We were chasing the game against 10 men so it made no sense, proved bye the fact it didn't work. Agree he was gettin lttle joy 2nd half but he still has to stay on given the circumstances for me. But as i suspect there looks to be more than meets the eye with his fitness.
  10. Brown is the one player we really do need, he makes such a difference to the rest of the team. He wins all his headers and puts so much more confidence in his team mates. Personally I'm really concerned about C.Kings fitness, why cant the lad play 90 mins? Understandable that we rested him over the bank holiday period but when were chasing a game and he comes off there must be more too it.
  11. Why is wrong to compare him to Edwards & Preston? They all played under the same manger in the same system last season, perhaps under PW those 2 would be better as well? Duku & Rodney showed Southwell, Edwards & Preston up for the poor players they were under the same manger and showed that his system could suit the right striker.
  12. Seem to remember Altrincham fans saying similar things about Jordan Sinnott who's dad was manger at the time. He came here and did very well so no reason to think the same cant happen again.. Any player who's dad is manger will always be questioned, i think a fresh start will suit him.
  13. Its amazing how a player gets better when he's not available, lets hope i'm wrong here but Southwell showed nothing more than Preston and Edwards last season & had he not been contracted would probably have been shown the door as well. Other than a decent scoring record in his short spell at Guiesley he's done nothing above National North where he was successful with Boston. So whilst i'm sue Wild will give him a chance at some point i will be very surprised if he turns out to be the answer to our striker problems.
  14. Disagree, the only way Southwell can succeed is if he plays up along side some like Silva because he doesn't have a physical presence, were currently playing a system based on 1 up front so i the only option would be him instead of Tobi which imo wont work.
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