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  1. Anyone heard from you know who yet?
  2. How’s it going Hoddie? You and you mate Erik seem to have forgotten about this thread.
  3. awaydays

    Dover game

    There’s some interesting analysis on this thread from the usual experts that can’t even attend a home game let alone an away game. im not sure why we bother going to games when we can find out everything on here.
  4. awaydays

    Dover game

    Oh yes, it’s the most winnable of all our remaining games.
  5. Agreed, they were unhappy that Colwyn Bay left the ‘Welsh’ league in 1984. Colwyn Bay have played most of their games in the ‘Welsh’ league. I just don’t agree with them doing the Hokey Cokey. No other club (in their league) has the same option.
  6. I wouldn’t bother answering BTM Scot, Odelusi has scored more goals this season than BTM has bothered to turn up at the Shay since Christmas.
  7. Really enjoyed visiting Colwyn Bay but this decision is outrageous. Why should Colwyn Bay have the opportunity to switch national competitions just because of geography? No other club has this choice. If the going gets tough, man up and do what other clubs have to do, near neighbours Vauxhall Motors are a great example. We should either embrace all Welsh teams in the English league system that chose to switch or remove the all.
  8. So basically it sounds like a non story then.
  9. At least we’ve heard the last from BTM, twice he’s been invited and twice he’s bottled it. There are no more excuses for bashing the club. Time to move on.
  10. Good stuff, great passion for your club too. Looking forward to our Tuesday night in Barnet next week.
  11. What a set of muppets you lot really are. That’s officially unanimous!
  12. Well that’s blown it, a decent 1-0 away win at Eastleigh today.
  13. Hence the real reason why he didn’t buy a season ticket (not the price for pensioners, as he claimed).
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