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  1. would probably mean less trips to the greatest city in the world but i'd be for it -it wouldnt stop clubs paying over inflated transfer fees and wages though -giving managers more money to spend is like giving a fat person more biscuits
  2. me and a few mates used to call it the park drive stand i'm convinced at some point it had an advert for park drive cigarettes but have looked at old photos ant it was park motors
  3. -my nearest pub -the lease is up for sale (or it was the last i heard) if you want to buy it ........needs to stay as a pub but sadly i'm afraid it wont
  4. whats happened to Laurie Plumb anyone? -last time i saw him was at the spoons at wembley he had a walking stick but other than that seemed ok
  5. done that a few times ,worst one was white ladders (david gray) i bought it on the strength of the babylon single -its just one dirge after another shocking
  6. D.J.s stuck at home and the m62 is the quietest its ever been
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