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  1. Did you grow up in Mexico?
  2. Kelly not an IRA man
  3. Burnleynill


  4. Burnleynill


    i'm in that picture
  5. http://www.betvictornorthernpremier.co.uk/sports-bring-in-young-57633/?utm_source=leagueweeklyroundup&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=football
  6. if monk knew anything about Irish history he would be more worried about Michael Collins.
  7. No we lost the players because aspin/nogan fell out with them. ~The shop is because Calderdale backtracked on an agreement & club shops make very little money at this level..Years of bad management put us out of business, not the BOD, and is was probably the best thing to happen to the club anyway. We are a cash rich self sustaining organisation. The best owners we have had? Best weve had in the last 40 years. Are they too slow at making decisions? Yes.
  8. like the sound of this guy. Where has he managed before?
  9. The only problem is the current ownership/BOD of the rugby club- A clean sweep and replacement with a board who would work with the football club, both tenants would be able to force the work to be done on the pitch.
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