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  1. Burnleynill


    i'm in that picture
  2. http://www.betvictornorthernpremier.co.uk/sports-bring-in-young-57633/?utm_source=leagueweeklyroundup&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=football
  3. greg young still playing in NPL east
  4. Brighouse Town v Sheffield fc NPL East play off semi final Tuesday 7.45 St Giles road. . Jonathan Hedge will be in goal for Sheffield.
  5. the hipperholme post office shay ?
  6. dont remember him riding for them. did you mean gary havelock?
  7. Hoddie appears to have different memories to me....
  8. and for most of the time a director took all the profit, and the club didn't pay the rent on it
  9. the trust did not have that sort of money
  10. its the council employees who make the decisions, not the councillors who just rubber stamp-
  11. its the idiots who say things and throw things that cause this to happen
  12. all offers for tuton were rejected, it was the players mum who forced the move
  13. I want promotion, I don't expect it. and the expectation of staying up/ 50points was under Aspin as FCHT there was even a pinned thread on it.
  14. because only one, and later 2 clubs went down, but generally we were in the lower half of the division and the season was over by christmas, we have a generation of fans who think we should have success every year not every 20 years, When we got promoted bacjk to the national league first time with aspinit was all about getting 50 points and staying up, when did this expectation change.?
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