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  1. 50th anniversary. I was there, very wet and cold, anybody else? Google it if you don't know about it
  2. have a look and decide yourself
  3. have you looked at the last 2 years accounts?
  4. Well unless people shell out the £300, we won't get the players
  5. of course it does, for the sponsor!! They pay us money so we advertise them and hype them up, why wouldn't we. They pay money for the publicity
  6. kit matters because it has a sponsor on it who might well then be funding the players you are talking about
  7. Harrogate plan to play their first few home games at another ground to get their pitch relaid
  8. believe they have several full time employees doing this. Am sure that when we actually sign somebody we will do something similar. So not really sure what our "team" are supposed to be learning
  9. posted on twitter and FB The fan cutouts have now been delivered back to the Shay The Stadium is still closed, unless it’s urgent collection will be late Aug/Sept when the stadium reopens If it’s essential that you have your cutout within the next 4 weeks then please email orders@fchtshop.com
  10. was on the Wild interview thread, so has already been mentioned and discussed
  11. And it does say offers made. No guarantee they will accept so that list may well become shorter. Assume the players have been given a deadline to respond. As for Browny, those niggling injuries cropped up again last season, and he quite often came in for stick on here
  12. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/an-open-letter-from-the-gaffer/
  13. not mutually exclusive - club can raise funds through season tickets, new shirts and merchandise etc, supporters club can devise other ways to fund raise. It's pretty clear based on last two years accounts we need some form of investment, all the funds raising by whatever means just tickles round the edges really. That investment will need to either DB or another party. (see Stuart Donald has resigned at Sunderland)
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