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  1. you've got me, any ideas?
  2. you could of course buy some of the Christmas stuff that has been launched which means you get something for your money - nobody seems to have mentioned that
  3. no buffering for me on a bog standard wifi. First game had a late start and missed penalty, sure that won't happen again (the late start wasn't our fault). As for match insight, it's not sky.............
  4. disagree, first time for me tonight and thought it was good, not sure where your "lack of professionalism comes in", did you expect Sky coverage?
  5. me too, and have a bog standard BT connection, no buffering and great picture quality
  6. Just happened to Boston after positive testing
  7. oops, thought you meant who became managers, not town managers, I stand corrected
  8. I was at wimbledon too, went expecting nothing, they were top of the league I think?
  9. will you ever get "aloud" and "allowed" correct - does my head in
  10. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/season-ticket-options/
  11. there is a 45 second time delay
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