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  1. surely more like 4-7k Shaymus would know
  2. Prices All adults 18 and over £12 12-17 – £5 U12s – £3
  3. and don't call us fax either..............
  4. see Pete Wild was named Vanarama manager of the week for this result
  5. Is this the 5 minute argument or the full half hour?
  6. And the reason you have done the same post again is????? You were told on your other post, just chill
  7. been all over twitter and fb, there was a technical problem and were waiting to get the file back from BT. They have now got it so should be up at some point
  8. so you didn't want Redshaw since he was a long term injured player
  9. well done to Shaymus and Louisa for organising this
  10. Believe it was Dover that caused the delay, not us. And as has been said it doesn't matter
  11. one match? And they announced beforehand that for various reasons there would be no coverage. Player has been really good this season
  12. see Barrow scored 7 again.........
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