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  1. Pete Wild did say everybody had to go the extra mile
  2. steve lumb


    Doubt he will, but Brian might
  3. Think he has a habit of putting in the odd £1m..............
  4. Wonder who has designed and built the app................
  5. On her mainly I suspect
  6. says the man who complains about his order not delivered from the club
  7. Apparently he ruined bubba's life............
  8. steve lumb


    World’s busiest leader: Nov: Elected; pole-dancing; went on holiday; floods; hid; Christmas; went on holiday; more floods; hid; announced another child due; Feb; did nothing; March; told country not to shake hands; shook hands with ill people; was ill; didn’t die; went on holiday
  9. And I guess if you are furloughed and are getting paid, you don't need to work?
  10. About 35000 applied for the jobs, but only 20% completed the applications, and only 3,000 have committed apparently. Main reason seems to be chancellor announcing furlough so people who might have applied now don't need to. And it is quite a skilled job to be able to do at speed, which is why the same people go back every year and why there are provisions in the immigration bill for seasonal workers. Although that bill needs to change dramatically to keep the nhs and care homes functioning
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