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  1. honest assessment from PW on shaymen player tonight
  2. steve lumb


    should really use this then it's publicly available easily https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/
  3. and a limited supply so first come first served
  4. am guessing this is another one of Louisa's inspired ideas
  5. Don't bring her again please
  6. 143 season ticket holders of other clubs took advantage of the offer today, shame about the result
  7. on commentary tomorrow............ no, not his hamstring
  8. Ok, I bow to your superior knowledge. All I was saying is that the club produced and sold £1000's of merchandise, and that on my walk from the mainline station to the ground I didn't see any third party sellers. I am sure those you saw are at every Wembley game irrespective of who is playing
  9. Chesterfield not won yet, 2 ex town strikers up front, you just know what will happen..............................
  10. Whilst I agree with many of your points I cannot agree with the Wembley part. The next season shirt was launched and available to buy for Wembley (along with the match and date on it if you wanted) We sold 1600 (still a record), also available were wigs, hats, flags, car flags and others. I didn't see any third party sellers on my route to the stadium. Are you sure you're not thinking of the play off final in 2006 where the situation you describe is what happened?
  11. Well the last stats I saw earlier this year (can't remember where) were that in the UK there are now 45m social media users, 67% of the population. Of these 39m are mobile social media users. So makes sense to directly target this market. Even chadders is on fb
  12. agreed, am slightly worried we have been running at a loss for 2 seasons, ok it's funded by reserves but they will run out - so debt free now but not necessarily for much longer if outgoings continue to be higher than incomings. Hopefully if we can keep the attendance around 2000 it will make a big difference
  13. Behind a paywall, still they called the old club AFC Halifax
  14. Last season about 100 took up the offer
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