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  1. And Nick, not sure Wilder was ever at Peterborough Like others, think this thread is meaningless
  2. Was he sacked? Or was there no team to manage?
  3. steve lumb


    think it's nearer £60k now, £36k was at the start when we were in the glue leagues
  4. is it? Can't even work out what the story is
  5. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/audio-commentary-coverage/
  6. Seem to remember that for away games it relies on using a available isdn lines and the home side get to use them which quite often means we can't because there aren't enough. I don't listen, is the home commentary ok?
  7. Am stopping this thread because it's not true
  8. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/making-great-strides/
  9. I pick Flea as MOM, he was in the stadium Does it really matter?
  10. This is what shows on my screen 1 Sam Johnson 2 Michael Duckworth 3 Jerome Binnom-WIlliams 4 Nathan Clarke 5 Matty Brown 6 Liam Nolan 7 Jamie Allen 8 Jack Earing 9 Dayle Southwell 10 Cameron King 11 Tobi Sho-Silva 12 Will Appleyard 14 Josh Staunton 15 Liam McAlinden 16 Jacob Hanson 17 Josh MacDonald 18 Sanmi Odelusi 19 Harry Freedman 20 Jeff King 21 Danny Williams 31 Niall Maher
  11. You only had to ask, I would have lent you the money
  12. You only had 122 days to buy one, resign bubba
  13. Club tweeted that the scheduling software for the announcement didn't post, hence the mix up. Anyway does it matter that much, let's just all be happy with 2 wins
  14. not even sure they were available to buy were they? No such thing as replica kits or club shop in those days
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