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  1. Think we have 3 home games left. And we have to pay players even though there is no income. And who knows when and if the season will start again. We'll be struggling, just like many others. And national league is 72 clubs
  2. it's around 4% - still worryingly high though
  3. but it was 3rd divn north and south, which in effect is L1 and L2. so never included non league. EFL would in effect need to approve an extra division which they won't since they would have to share money with another 24 clubs and they are never going to vote for that
  4. 250 came from premier/EFL clubs, might not come again but money in the coffers
  5. ah, that clears it up then
  6. steve lumb

    Why is it ?

    good of you to volunteer to administrate it, sure you'll do a fantastic job
  7. steve lumb

    Why is it ?

    great promotion push video on twitter and FB
  8. steve lumb


    total for both games just short of 50,000 I think, 20,000 from Hereford and around 13,000 from Halifax. I may of course be completely wrong about that
  9. TBF, a lot is down to Louisa, from media and communications, to strategy, merchandise, and tickets. Don't know what the club would do without her
  10. Schools 205 Kids coached Futsal 73 Players Academy 4 Games Barnsley & Oldham GK’s 7 sessions U16 2 sessions Youth Team 2 wins - Q/F & league CoE 2 games We hosted the @TheNLTrust regional 35 games 1 @FCHTOnline Champion! We go again Monday!
  11. Plenty of jobs in Number 10 for them
  12. he had no say in the matter
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