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  1. Don't forget it's a 7pm kick off (if it's on..........)
  2. Came from Chester for a fee
  3. the club did respond to this tweet so hopefully it will get sorted
  4. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/shaymen-lift-spirits-with-new-year-gift-to-homeless/
  5. but we have blue passports, surely that means something........
  6. not taking anything the wrong way, I don't always defend the club but in this case the system would need more investment which I suspect is money we don't have - and once crowds are back streaming won't be allowed as I understand it
  7. that's Sir to you, disrespectful to just use my last name. I was just pointing out that in the current climate not sure where the money to upgrade our service will come from.
  8. Read my earlier post, inplayer is simply the platform, the club's have to do all the extras
  9. I don't think it's to do with the supplier, we would have to upgrade the software, install extra cameras, upgrade the stadium WiFi and probably employ more people. Would prefer that money went on the squad
  10. Have they played last year's final yet?
  11. it was Ernie Hunt - the goal was allowed but subsequently not allowed to happen again
  12. I saw lots of content promoting the game, just counted, 20 pieces of content since Saturday across all platforms, which allowed county fans to sign up to the stream as well as ours
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