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  1. Has relatives who live in Elland.
  2. Will be there.Remember going as a school lad early 60's ,incessant rain from late morning.Match kicked off on a pudding of a pitch,town took a 2 goal lead but at 1/2 time match called off! Could not go to midweek rearranged game but think it ended 1-1
  3. Not a patch on the old ground.
  4. AGB

    Shaun Rowley

  5. http://nonleaguedaily.com/the-bosses-lounge-vol-21-pete-wild-fc-halifax-town/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-bosses-lounge-vol-21-pet A really good read.
  6. AGB

    Brian Redfearn

    Tremendous game,Swindon were a really good team ,but what a turnaround! In later years Brian even attended some reserve matches at the Shay and i got the chance to have a few chats with him .Seem to recall he was also a decent cricketer playing in the Bradford league. RIP
  7. What gets into a 50+yr" man" to travel nearly 250 miles not to the support the team,but just intent on causing trouble?Having been ejected from the ground, he then attempts to get back in at 1/2 time.What a great advert for FCHT.
  8. AGB


    Released by Wrexham , now signs for Chesterfield. https://www.chesterfield-fc.co.uk/news/20192/august/20190816-spireites-sign-fondop/
  9. Really smart away strip,one of the best in recent years.
  10. AGB

    Adam Morgan

    On trial at Altrincham http://www.altrinchamfc.co.uk/news.htm#190724trial
  11. No different from Sat,bare patches and ruts all over a rock hard pitch.
  12. AGB

    Darlington game

    UPDATE! Original post on Darlingtons site has been removed and are now advertising the game again .Perhaps Town are trying to play the game elsewhere?
  13. https://darlingtonfc.co.uk/news/halifax-away-friendly-postponed
  14. Wonder if "Scot" could throw any light on his reasons for departure?
  15. Remember in the 70s as a league club we took part in a round robin competition for lower division clubs.The final match we had to play was a dead rubber ,played in a midweek afternoon( at short notice, i think because of the miners strike).I could not go because of work but the local rag reported the gate as "approx 50". Can anybody put any more detail to this fixture? Realise not a league match but was a first team fixture.
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