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  1. Viking

    Deluded Darren

    I always wonder if the situation would have been different re Aspin as he "rightly" went after the defeat at Guiseley. The first half performance was not that bad then he changed things due to Guiseleys substitutions and we were awful second half - yet it was a silly late penalty given away that lost us the game. Would he have kept is job after a 1-1 draw? Who knows.
  2. Well I thought we could get to two shirts but feel all the money will now be going in to project play-offs. The money will get to the club which is all that is asked. Viking
  3. Find out all the details then put them on here.You have seen how easy it is to get to £200 it is possible to get to £400 when organised and two shirts - or a full strip. I will be more than happy to contribute. Viking
  4. A very good family the Richardsons. Dad Colin is "part of the furniture" down the shay.
  5. Viking


    On the subject of Macc. that leaves them 3 points above Stevenage but played one game more. If the season was stopped and they decided on points per game average would that put Macc. bottom ? (I havent bothered doing the maths ). Just one more question to sort out !
  6. France says it has found a case from december and Sweden one from november. It has been around for a while just took a little time to "take off".
  7. I would love a division 2 north and south but can not see this happening. If divisions 1 and 2 merged on a north south divide then allowed two teams to be demoted from each league as is with league 2 at present thus allowing 4 teams to be promoted it would give the national conf. a big boost and also help our chances !
  8. Jamie mentions his uncle Russell Black. He scored the first goal one season a 1-0 home win. It was great to get off to a winning start as we didnt seem to do it that often ! No doubt someone will say which season and our opponents.
  9. Hope you get over it and "come out the other side".
  10. As for easyjet I fly with them to Kastrup Copenhagen then on to Sweden. In mid march Denmark closed its borders I was booked to fly the day after ! Easyjet then cancelled all flights there. They have been mainly bringing people back from overseas or simply flying to countries not "closed down" - very few. We have a few fans outside England, Norway for example who will simply have to stay put where they are wether they want to or not. All the best to everyone. Viking
  11. Viking


    I am still waiting for my 500 pounds worth of shares in the old club after one of those crisis meetings. I sometimes wonder just how deep that big black hole was. (never again please).
  12. As things stand Avenue will have a big smile on their faces. With an allweather pitch planned among other things relegation would have been a big hinderance now they can look forward with hope. Occasionally go there, football is poor and would be even worse if relegated !
  13. I have missed a few games and as a pensioner probably have not saved anything if season finishes now but VAT apart the money goes to the club so they can keep it.
  14. Stay safe Eric and hope you continue to get better. Viking
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