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  1. Innervisions by Stevie Wonder Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
  2. MR. D


    Must have been practising penalties since we played them. Just beat Newport in EFL Cup
  3. MR. D

    Dover Game

    I see Dover have the best away record in the league having won 8 games. Going to be a very tough game tomorrow.
  4. Think there were probably a few more as my grandson aged 10 was let in through the big gates so not counted in turnstile.
  5. Was really pleased after todays win at Chorley. This puts things in perspective.Thoughts go out to his family and friends.RIP
  6. Thought we played some really good football last night. Just never fell right for us in the penalty area. Chorley played like we did last season under JF so we saw how frustrated other teams were playing against us. I know which type of football I prefer to watch even if we have to suffer the odd game like this. Onwards and upwards.
  7. I remember sending him a 21st birthday card when I was a kid. He came to my parents pub to say thank you to me, at least I thought it was to say thank you but looking back it may have had something to do with the pub. RIP Peter
  8. might make for an interesting game on Tuesday. Maybe ask Oldham to play some good youngsters we might be interested in. Wonder if Pete Wild will be at the season ticket distribution tonight.
  9. I'm guessing we won't hear from Scot again so thanks for your entertaining comments on all things concerning JF.
  10. MR. D

    On the Cusp

    Saw one at tonights Tranmere v FGR game. Likewise I thought they were banned
  11. Spoke to Ben after Wrexham game and he said sales were very good with almost 300 sold already
  12. Just bought mine and my grandson's. Hope this doesn't mean we are going back to part time.
  13. Fantastic news. Hate to see any football club shafted like this. Hope you go from strength to strength.
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