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  1. MR. D

    Ha Ha Ha

    Don’t really care if it was a penalty or not, I’m just pleased that Man.Ure lost
  2. It gives the doom merchants something to write about on here
  3. I am getting really concerned now, if all these players are leaving because of money then how can we replace them with better with only the same money available?
  4. Ryburn United are opening their clubhouse to show the game (socially distanced of course) . Opens at 6.00pm
  5. My mate just booked BT sport for £18 for 30 days
  6. I have had a great dislike of Leeds since the Don Revie days. I admit to having a big laugh at their expense for the last few years of near misses and I would be pleased if it all went sour again. Also Elland Road is the only football ground where I actually feared for my safety, I think the atmosphere is very intimidating and it is a ground I never wish to go to again.
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