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  1. Can’t knock the performance tonight, there’ll be times this season where we’ll play worse than that and win. They’ve only had 2 real chances and johnno couldn’t do anything with either of them, only one team went out to win tonight. Osborne the cheating little get up to his old tricks as per normal chirping in the refs ear all game. Could do with Hyde back ASAP, move forward to Saturdays game, up the shaymen
  2. Tonight showed that football isn’t a fair sport, thought a draw would have been a fair result, Stockport were better in the first half, we looked better in the second half till the last 15. Plenty of chances but didn’t finish them, still plenty of positives to take away from that though. I know it’s only two games in but summerfield looks like a quality signing, breaks up play and looks to get us going forward, the sort of midfielder we’ve been looking for. Though Allen put a real shift in tonight aswell. Onwards and upwards to Saturday, C’MON SHAYMEN
  3. It says King is out with a back spasm but should be back for the altrincham game
  4. I've just been told that the club are in the process of making one or two signings today, apparently there's going to be a few more signing that will be announced next week aswell
  5. Thought a draw was a fair result at the end of the day, neither teams really showed that they deserved to go through today, we just now need to do the job right on Wednesday before we can start looking forward to the next round
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