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  1. Sorry! Try harder next time.
  2. In fact after watching him play his obvious talented, but needs to put himself about a bit more! This isn't premiership where a striker can just goal hang waiting for that killer cross.
  3. And anyway I don't think I ever disagreed with you on Morgan I was just a bit more realistic about his ability.
  4. And you can't spell your own name!
  5. Ok give me one example where you have proved me wrong!
  6. To be honest there's no point even trying with him ,he's just a no nothing gobshite.
  7. Just for a little bit of context here, the outright winners of last season's conf north( pub league) Fylde, are now languishing in 20th place four places below is.
  8. We lost both games going into attack mode! It's a useless method of playing football! It's how kids play at school, remember all those dinnertime 28-0 40 a side matches! Jumpers for goalposts!
  9. Fraser Hines, a right gobshite used to drink in a pub I used to frequent many years ago!
  10. Woo hoo the saviour is amongst us! You were right trev
  11. Big day for Trev today! Morgan does well and I'll be the first to acknowledge his perseverance in calling for his inclusion in the team, however I'll be the first to call him if he turns out to be crap!
  12. 1400 on a Tuesday night! Bloody hell a few seasons ago we were getting 7-800.
  13. We keep getting told about the trickle down theory! Think the tap may have been turned off.
  14. It wasn't so we will be ok!
  15. Ha good one! However it has to be said ,at least it would have been a fully costed rise to superstardom as opposed to a eye wateringly debt ridden path that would put us almost to the point of bankruptcy.
  16. I'm sure we all would like to see us back in the league, but unless we can find Mrs May's magic money tree I'm afraid we are stuck where we are.
  17. I know I keep banging on about this, but it is important, macca did very well last time in this league, and I am definitely a fan, however he is noticeably not ready to start playing the full 90 mins, yes he will get short spells of the bench, that's only to be expected as he works his way up to full fitness. The whole thing was highlighted for me on Tuesday when during the warmup my daughter asked who the guy limping was? You guessed it! Macca.
  18. Trev, calm yourself! 7 goals! The facts speak for themselves! Lol
  19. I was gutted when peniket left, I thought who's going to score now!
  20. At last, some sense is being spoken, I've lost count of the times anyone with a positive slant,or, a more leveled view of things is simply shouted down by the boo boys, it gets depressing. We are four games in , in a new league and to be honest doing better than I thought,we scored against Dover something not a lot of teams have done! A little tweak here and there and things will be fine! It's a learning curve.
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