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  1. Yes, a virtual ticket, though to be fair the mrs did it for me ,so could have been for anything!
  2. Who is making him out to be a martyr? Certainly not BLM!
  3. I've just paid my £20! Smug or what?
  4. Totally diferent think though isnt it? One nut job on a rampage, as opposed to thousands all over the world standing against systemic racism! Or are you one of those middle aged white men that dont see a problem?
  5. Clown, it's been all over the press!
  6. Its Cooperman!
  7. Point out what exactly I'm apologising for? And it also makes me laugh how right wingers constantly cry about the state of the country, and then vote for the party that made it that way! Utter clowns.
  8. Thing is though, that was just the straw that broke the camels back! It's not just about Floyd, its about racism in general, which I'm sure you will agree is abhorrent!
  9. Fair do! The british tax payer bombed the **** out of his country!
  10. I do find it funny how the only ones constantly bleating on about multiculturalism are right wing racists! Who'd a thunk it!
  11. But that would mean the cretins we have in power would actually have to do some work!
  12. Would that be the thing that's been all over the news for the last three days you utter clown!
  13. Nothing to fear, just get stuck in! We can do it! Come on shaymen!
  14. We are going to need a loan player!
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