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  1. Racism isnt a political thing! It's just being a c***
  2. Granted she didnt come across very well, but what she meant was, that it shouldn't matter what colour you are, all should be treated the same! Hope that helps.
  3. Sadly the tories got rid of legal aid! So he is ****ed which ever way you look at it!
  4. Err! Not really, if you knew what you were talking about! Protection from unfair dismissal and being sacked because you are a **** are two diferent things!
  5. To be honest any boss with a moral compass would sack these two oxygen thieves!
  6. More like 'dont stand so close to me'!
  7. All days matter, not just the weekend!
  8. Only to a racist! Grow up soft lad!
  9. He's a racist! But too dim to know it!
  10. You have won! Your prize is a large dose of idiocy! Clearly you have enough of this already so it could be exchanged for a brain!
  11. Is that your lap of honour? Honestly mate I dont think understanding things is your strongpoint is it?
  12. Clearly put up to it by someone else!
  13. Well done lad! I'll look forward to your lap!
  14. Okay, so it's fairly obvious you are going to win! What are you doing for your lap of honour? Tell us Tommy robinson isnt a racist!
  15. You are miles ahead now! Your dads nowhere!
  16. No idea steve, I dont know who anyone on here is! Probably just as well!lol
  17. Your Dad! Ffs peas in a pod eh! Dont worry, with that last post you now have a comfortable lead!
  18. You are now slightly in the lead! Well done.
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