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  1. Perversely the most posted on topic has been moved off the main site! Hey ho!
  2. Cant wait for this! Come on shaymen!
  3. Would you mind explaining what you find so baffling about my reply If it barks like a dog, it's a dog.
  4. It does if they display evidence of being so!
  5. I'm sorry, what makes you think I'm arrogant? You asked a question ,I answered it!
  6. Do you know how a conversation works? One party can ask a question and the second party answers! Simple really!
  7. Tom mate, you just reinforced my post! Look, try really hard and think what might be considered racist or not, post it on here and I'll tell you if you are right or not! Ok?
  8. That was the original statement put out by the league wasn't it? Things have changed now I think!
  9. To be fair, your comments do show a fair bit of racism and bigotry. So you either genuinely think that way, which to me is very sad, or you dont beleive what you are saying is racist or bigoted! Which is actually worse.
  10. It's what you put in mexican food! It's made with avocados, garlic and lime juice!
  11. Beleive it or not steve, I try to follow your lead, some of the connections may be a bit tenuous, but I try not to just link any old song! I do enjoy checking what you've posted every morning, and I do like your choices!
  12. Yes, it was the soundtrack for The breakfast club! An 80's film.
  13. Sadly I think you may be right! After all racism isnt a left or right think it's more a wrong/right thing! Surely?
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