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  1. Best way is to click 'share' at bottom of video, then when screen comes up press copy, return to this page and press on ' reply' section, press on screen 'paste' will appear, press that and bingo!
  2. Bit disappointed, I like a cup run. Oh well.
  3. won't it be played at haig rd?
  4. Adam ' hoof it from 30yds' Morgan sadly not good enough for this league. Massive shame as the lad had talent, but had the stuffing knocked out of him by Liverpool.
  5. Oh I dont know all my kids love liver and onions and steak and kidney pie! I personally like a Mediterranean diet , lots of fish and fresh fruit. Very healthy.
  6. My dad said he ate all the tripe and onions when he was a kid, so we didn't have to!
  7. Tripe? Jesus, anything that needs that much done to it before its safe to eat is a no from me!
  8. Its hard to know what goes through peoples heads to be honest! At the time I thought why not do what NZ did and shut down completely, but of course as soon as they lifted restrictions the virus flooded in! You just can't win. Hopefully the vaccine will make a diference!
  9. yep, troubling times! Just have to do whats best and hope we get through it! I'm being extra careful due to diabetes issues, our neighbors are recovering from covid, both very fit 60 Yr old, but it hit them for 6, and as you may know, i think I mentioned it on here, my mum died of covid in November while in hospital. People do need to get over themselves.
  10. Yes, but when you tell that to the kids of today, they dont believe you!
  11. I've just been on my recommended hour exercise (walking the dog!) Hebden Bridge is rammed!I'm just speechless.
  12. That is written in a very misleading way, I think a bit of arse covering is going on here!
  13. Probably sold it you so he could buy indicators!
  14. You can't beat a level playing field!
  15. You work in a supermarket, dont you? You have my utmost sympathy!
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