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  1. Walked past a 5g mast and is now living at the centre of the flat earth disguised as a lizard!
  2. Not my point, and you know it!
  3. It's two deaths! Who really cares where they are?
  4. I'm glad(all over) you mentioned this steve! Sorry.
  5. Ha ha! As an ex postie I couldn't possibly comment!
  6. Yep, got in my car, drove to solicitors house in tod ,posted letter, got back in car, drove home!
  7. We truly live in a strange world! Had to go to tod today, sort something legal out, the roads and town were heaving! Wtf is wrong with people?
  8. Ha ha no! But their follow up 'offshore banking business' was pretty on the button!
  9. chrisbo61


    So will they be played behind closed doors?
  10. Whataboutism at its finest! Typical forlock tugging Tory! The three labour mps found to have breached the rules were all reprimanded, however there weren't the ones that devised the rules, and are not our so called prime ministers chief political adviser! Grow up.
  11. Thanks steve! As you know, I like to stick to facts!
  12. Sadly I dont think they will! Morals are not a tory thing!
  13. Unless you are a tory!
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