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  1. Typical bloody farmer, too tight to spend any money!
  2. So what's the answer? 7 days of 12 hours a day sounds pretty full on. You must be loaded!
  3. Just to lighten the mood a little, this was posted by my son in law this morning!
  4. But it's about supporting the club! Buy one and put it in a drawer!
  5. The government seem to be not having much success in deflecting blame! People arent having it, and rightly so in my opinion.
  6. 40 years! And what a massive influence they have been! I'm lucky enough to have seen them live, supporting Buzzcocks at Leeds Uni. Poor bloke had to be carried off at the end, when all the lights started flashing it brought a fit on. People laughed they thought it was part of the act! RIP
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