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  1. Just trying to cover for the drying paint action on it!
  2. they are certainly using it as an excuse as to how not very good they are! Lol
  3. To be fair Steve, its the HofL that keeps the government in check! The monarch has no power.
  4. Missed out on his letter from his Mrs!
  5. https://www.britannica.com/event/The-Troubles-Northern-Ireland-history Just a little bit of history to shed a bit of light onto the present bout of violence.
  6. you mean like if his tongue is too short?
  7. Frow is not any accent! Its just poor speech.
  8. There is a diference between an accent and not being able to pronounce words correctly! Thats just poor speech.
  9. Good point, if you are doing a job that requires you to speak, at least learn how to do it properly!
  10. Young lad? He talks like an old git! And I'm saying that as a 60 Yr old!
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