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  1. I agree, but at this stage in the season many players are loathe to move clubs as they are just settling in to their teams!
  2. You should be on the stage! Archie T and his tall tales!
  3. Poor passing has always been the English problem, I can remember my dad always moaning about it when i was a kid!
  4. I like watching England win! I dont care who they are playing, winning is winning!
  5. You get me wrong! I agree with you, and my wife and I always shop day to day, locally and try not to waste, but, the majority of people do not! In fact there are even TV programmes educating people who over shop, and end up wasting food! All I'm pointing out is that this is the majority, we seem to be the minority!
  6. I completely understand what hes saying, in fact if you read back I agreed with him about the fact that the decline in the fishing industry is consumer led as much as anything, but for some reason he went off on one about shopping locally which is completely irrelevant to the initial comment. Which was how fishing in this country has been in decline for decades due mainly to the industrialisation of the sector! Massive trawlers catching tons of fish can sell it cheaper than the one man band in his little boat out of Whitby! Simple economics!
  7. You are not the general population, most people with a family cant afford to shop in the small shop! That's why supermarkets make so much!
  8. You can play the victim as much as you want, fact is you dont know what you are talking about, get all your info from the right wing press and yes , I am politicising it , as are the press. And once again you've been reeled in.
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