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  1. I'm just amazed how well the whole Brexit process is going! Mmm!
  2. I didn't know I knew Keith Whitley until I listened to dont close your eyes! Old school country.
  3. I think we've been saying that for the last 10 years!
  4. Oh, maybe he is, and it's the floors he scrubs as opposed to the dishes!
  5. How do you know? Do you wash up there?
  6. Hence the state of this country!
  7. Lifes one long holiday the eh Steve!
  8. Personal choice then I assume?
  9. Dont you have a summer holiday?
  10. Rubbish! Football is as much to do with what you do off the ball as on it!
  11. Is that your way of saying ' I am a millionaire that cuts to the NHS, police, social services, schools libraries etc wont effect'? Or are you a useful idiot, a working class Tory! A Turkey that votes for xmas!
  12. I think what gets me is the fact that we've just let these Tory bastards decimate our public services, and people still vote for them! Must be some kind of madness.
  13. Ha ha, if you believe that you'll believe anything!
  14. To be honest when you've got a government that seems hell bent on shedding thousands of police jobs, what do we expect! Haven't they also cut about half the armed forces as well?
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