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  1. Or are we just, like we've done before, keeping him during his rehabilitation and when he is deemed fit we let him go!
  2. I'm purely commenting on what I have seen, and in my opinion he is not that good, and I will be surprised if he even gets in the team. We have much better.
  3. What do you base your opinion on? He was average at guiseley when they were relegated, came to us and did nothing !
  4. To be fair, I think against a better side the manager would have set the team up differently, or I would hope that was the case.
  5. Doesn't matter when you knock 5 past em!
  6. Not quite as black and white as that though is it! Westminster lied to the Scots before the indyref regarding membership of the EU. That clearly swung a lot of voters, as a couple of years later the Scots remain vote was more than 60%. Now that the UK is leaving the EU there is nothing tieing Scotland to the union.
  7. Dont reccomend drinking and driving! Get a soft drink instead.
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    Happy Forum

    Gerrit forard
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    If it's the Sun, it's a lie!
  10. I'm just amazed how well the whole Brexit process is going! Mmm!
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