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  1. That is written in a very misleading way, I think a bit of arse covering is going on here!
  2. Probably sold it you so he could buy indicators!
  3. You can't beat a level playing field!
  4. You work in a supermarket, dont you? You have my utmost sympathy!
  5. Didn't realise you were privy to talks between Scottish gov and football clubs!
  6. Good cover for the fact nothing is coming into the uk from Europe due to brexit!
  7. Hebden Park is frozen solid! Its like a hairy ice rink!
  8. chrisbo61


    he was, and I think based on that, people initially were happy with Fullarton as manager! The rest is history!
  9. Everyone is given the same advice, why is it some follow it and others think they are above it? What gives these people that sence of entitlement? Its so ironic that these anti lockdown gatherings are the reason we have to have lockdown! Its beyond me.
  10. Yeh, but that time we lost a game, and someone played out of position! Lol
  11. Roads must have been chaos with 23 000 welshmen coming up north!
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