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  1. That's ironic coming from you trev!
  2. But they think the same thing about us!
  3. What's worrying is that over a thousand have died here already!
  4. I sincerely hope so, although looking at the figures from italy and Spain.........
  5. chrisbo61


    Can the virus be carried on plastic?
  6. Good lad, look after you and yours!
  7. Trouble is trev, our accountants spend a lot of time being creative with taxable earnings! It's why we pay them, it's only when something like this happens it makes it awkward!
  8. You need to be very careful Steve!
  9. And now it turns out it was not the virus, but a heart attack! Her aunt was responsible for posting the lie it was corona related.
  10. Ha! Yes it's all the effing trawling through passwords etc mothers maiden game, inside leg measurement etc! Does my head in.
  11. If you have your accounts etc up to date there should be no problems!
  12. No one should suffer trev, the government have put support in place for the self employed! Sure,it might be tough for a short period but after that when payments start coming through you will be ok!
  13. This is just softening us up for brexit!
  14. Dont make me laugh! These scumbag tories are just doing what the labour party said they were going to do!
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