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  1. No that doesn’t help, but he hasn’t shown any ability whatsoever. He’s been involved in 4 games this season, can you tell me one thing (other than a free kick attempt) that he’s contributed?
  2. I don’t care what Oldham fans think of him, Nepumaceno is absolute pony
  3. Filmed on a Nokia 3310 by the looks of things
  4. The Dagenham stream gave you access to the game you paid for, for a month. This was for access to replays if you wanted to, not to additional games.
  5. Maybe I’m seeing a different game but thought Yeovil were really poor. Had the ball but it was all in front of us and didn’t have a clue what to do with it. We could, and should, have out 3 or 4 past them and been out of sight.
  6. Would agree that our backline is too deep. Means there’s soooo much space in midfield and means they can easily pass it round Woods and Summerfield
  7. Was the option for season ticket holders as it described
  8. I just assumed they maxed it out to stop people inadvertently trying to buy the wrong one
  9. We struggle without Omatayo as a link man - seen nothing in Nepumaceno to justify bringing him on for anything other than fresh legs
  10. To me, Wild’s clearly told Summerfield I want everything to go through you and for you to take responsibility for driving this team forward. He’s absolutely thriving on it
  11. We look really good on the break but christ we’ve got to put one of these away - we’ll get punished otherwise
  12. Change browser - use chrome and it works a treat
  13. **** me sideways have we just played it out from the back, beating the press and scored from a flowing move?! I need a sit down
  14. Mine just keeps crashing and saying “video could not load or timed out”...
  15. we did say you might be massively over estimating stream demand...
  16. Well I, for one, never expected a day on this site when TJ was accusing someone else of being too harsh on the team
  17. Wait? You’re tying yourself in knots here. We’re rubbish and ‘only finishing mid table’ yet every other team is rubbish as well. Someone’s got to win the league! Almost like it’s step 5 football
  18. Yeah Arsenal Women play there and it’s their shirt sleeve sponsor
  19. I think that’s a bit over the top. Comfortable 2-0 home win and then a tough away game where we hit the bar and their keeper made an excellent save. Thought we’ve looked for more likely this year than we have for a number of seasons.
  20. Would be interesting to see if William’s knock means Senior comes in? Perhaps Maher or Green in for Woods? All about performance, but a defeat would start to get the chuntering going
  21. I think we’ve got to be happy with the performance. Too many away games over the last few seasons where we’ve barely got out of our own half and not even created a clear chance. Things to work on, but the foundations of a good side are there. We were in the game and showed a good account of ourselves. Green and Nepomaceno were disappointing and Earing faded, but other than that everyone else had a good game. Summerfield the stand out. Few days rest to get players back fit and on to the next tough away game.
  22. Don’t think we can overlook just how good Sam’s save from the header was.
  23. I can only assume that’s a joke? Haha
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